ITC’s Savlon scientifically proven to protect against COVID-19 type Coronavirus


New Delhi: ITC has a strong legacy of stringent quality measures across its portfolio of products and is known for its relentless pursuit to offer best in class products for the discerning Indian consumer. During the pandemic, ITC’s Health & Hygiene brand Savlon endeavoured to educate and create access to effective hygiene products to Indian citizens. In a stringent step to authenticate further, Savlon’s core hygiene portfolio was also sent to an internationally accredited laboratory for its protection claims. The international laboratory testing the efficacy of the products is ISO 17025 accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) which certifies that the laboratory uses test methods based on stringent international standards.

A team of experienced microbiologists, in a series of rigorous tests for efficacy and strong protection claims, have scientifically proven Savlon Hand Sanitiser and Savlon Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid effective at 99.99% against COVID-19 type Coronavirus*. Savlon Handwashes at 99.9% and Savlon Soap at 99%, have been verified for its strong protection claims against COVID-19 type Coronavirus*. The scientific assessments conducted by the international laboratory, reinforces ITC’s commitment to provide effective solutions to address consumer needs.

Although many more hygiene products are expected to be effective, Savlon’s core hygiene portfolio went through the rigorous tests to reaffirm its efficacy and protection with the outbreak of the pandemic.

Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division, ITC Limited, said, “Effective wellbeing is the single largest collective need around the world today. An added global endorsement of efficacy and protection reassures consumers of their preferences, specifically in Savlon’s portfolio of hygiene products. It is the first Indian brand to get this validation. The scientific evidencing of efficacy against the COVID-19 type Coronavirus * is a testimony to our deep-rooted institutional strength in Research and Development in India and the relentless pursuit to adhere to the most stringent quality norms. The test results reiterate our endeavour to offer innovative and effective products to consumers and demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.”

Savlon, since the outbreak, has accelerated innovation to help offer significant anti-viral & anti-bacterial protection. Savlon Hexa, is designed for quick and persistent action. It was one of the swiftest launches during the lockdown, to help frontline medical staff and consumers in their personal hygiene. To help fight against viruses^, Savlon launched the Surface Disinfectant Spray. An incredibly versatile Surface disinfectant spray that kills a wide range of germs including viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi on frequently touched areas^. The brand has partnered with various state Governments to ensure availability of Savlon Handwashes and Hand Sanitisers and teams have been working round the clock to help innovate, manufacture and distribute to meet the exponential surge in demand for hygiene. To enhance supply and availability, ITC on a war footing repurposed its world class perfume facility to produce an additional 1.25 lakh litres of hand sanitisers. ITC has donated 2.8 million Soap Bars, 8,000 Litres of Handwash & 5,500 Litres of Sanitizer across the nation.

ITC also runs one of the most effective school programmes to educate children on hand hygiene. Our Swasth India Mission programme has been a front runner in driving behavioural change towards good hand-hygiene habits since its inception in 2016. It has reached over 15,000 schools in 82 cities in India and nearly 5.6 million children with its innovative outreach.