ITM IHM Institute wins awards and recognition for displaying their master skills in culinary competition at ICTEM Sion


Mumbai: Very well known for their presence across institutes for talent recognition, ITM institute took an initiative to hone the craft of their students by participating in culinary competitions at ICTEM Sion on the 27th and 28th January 2020. The hallmark tradition of showcasing best cuisines and hosting live cooking competitions at ICTEM provided an opportunity to the students of ITM to win the competition in all 3 categories. Around 40-45 students participated in the challenge thus raising the standards of Culinary Excellence.

Chef. Vini Shivkar from ITM said “The culinary challenge at ICTEM was an arena where culinary talents across 10 institutes came together to showcase their creations under various categories of intense live action. Each team definitely put their best foot forwards. Chefs today have a vital role to play inside and outside kitchens and thus such competitions give them a platform to gather more experience and make new contacts. This innovative concept was well appreciated by the students and marked another proud moment as we bagged winner trophy’s in the competition”

The passion of high-energy kitchen and thrill of a timed competition was brought together and the judges voted and decided on the best dishes in each category. Students of ITM won awards as an appreciation for the products they crafted and won the hearts of the judges. Mr. Vedant Patil won the 1st prize in the carving competition while the best dessert award was won by Mr. Kaustubh Patil. Rewards of recognition were also provided to Mr Saurabh Gaikar and Mr Punarv Gangnaik who won the 2nd prize for Cookery competition mystery box.

The high standard food and beverage competition showcased the skills and knowledge of the students put together in a competitive format. A rich mixture of flavours, textures and aromas were presented at the forum by ITM Institute of Hotel Management’s food and beverage professionals to obtain recognition for their performance.

It is rightly said that the chef must do the talking through food and the budding chefs of ITM Institute of Hotel Management have certainly done so at the beginning of their culinary journey. The sole objective of participating in such competitions is to encourage participants to polish their professional skills.

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