ITM Kharghar witnesses a rise in demand for multi-dimensional skills in the post-pandemic era

Mumbai: As the city eases out of the pandemic, ITM Kharghar, Navi Mumbai has begunto organize placements for the students. However, it has been observed that the post-COVID campus placement has been witnessing a new hiring trend in the overall process. Affected by the pandemic, rapid changes have surfaced within a short span of time including virtual recruiting, internal mobility and up skilling. Moreover, diversity is finally getting the accountability it always deserved.


With the onset of the vaccination process, the hiring process is finally getting back to the surface. The evolving dynamics in the post-pandemic era demands job profiles across technology, healthcare, and digital marketing. The post-pandemic era has created a demand for multi-dimensional professionals who hone more than the primary skills and fit the expectations set for the new business practices.


Expressing on the new hiring process, Dr. Veni Nair, Assistant Director, ITM Business School says, “While this year’s academic years has virtual platform taking care of the entire syllabus or exchange of knowledge. The institute requires standing up to the placement process; hence companies have been visiting campus in the month of Jan-Feb. We have taken care from the training to the workflow. We also have mentors to answer students’ questions on behalf of the company. The companies wouldn’t have time to do this stuff due to the current scenario, so we enable many more students to have these experiences.”


In addition to the regular hiring process, companies are looking at conducting regular webinar to address student’s query and guide them. The hiring process has seen a huge demandin social media marketing, analytics, E-commerce and fintech, while the year-to-year syllabus focuses to meet the ever-evolving profiles. FMCG brands like Marico, xx, xx and retail brands like Pantaloons, xx, xx and Croma shares live projects with students for learning purpose.


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