ITMO advises to Stay Fit, Sane, and Entertained during winter break

With self-isolation strongly encouraged, it falls on all of us to remain responsible and stay at home. But how do you stay fit, active, and in good spirits when spending the winter break indoors? We’ve prepared a round-up of all the great tips on weathering self-isolation, self-care, and keeping yourself entertained at home.

Healthy body…

It’s hard enough to stay physically active when you’ve got a gym membership, but staying in shape when all you’ve got is four walls and (best-case scenario) a yoga mat? Now that’s a serious challenge. Thankfully, we’ve already prepared – from workout apps and challenges to top YouTube gurus – to help you find the optimal workout routine.

Did you know:

The World Health Organization 150 minutes (just ~20 minutes a day!) of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week.

Of course, another key factor in staying healthy at home is nutrition. A good diet is important not only to your physical health, but your mental well-being, as well. Check to learn more.

…and healthy mind

To paraphrase the late Douglas Adams, the most important thing in any situation is not to panic. But that’s easier said than done.

With so many sources of stress in our lives, how does one rise above it? First, we’ll need to : what causes it, how it works, and how it manifests. If it’s the pandemic that’s got your anxiety levels spiking, read up on . Maybe you’re stressed about your finals? In that case, check out .

Naturally, caring for your mental health isn’t a one-time process. It takes dedication and patience to become the best you. That’s why we’ve rounded up a on subjects varying from anxiety and impostor syndrome to achieving mindfulness. You can also check out our own or the ITMO.NEWS editorial team’s .


But spending your winter break at home isn’t all about working out, meditating, and self-improvement. It’s also about simply having a good time! Besides and , how about hopping on the podcast bandwagon? All the cool kids are listening to ‘casts these days – and the perfect place to begin is with .

If you’re missing your friends – or looking for new ones – then what could be better than having a good old game night? Thanks to the wonders of the internet, with each other to enjoy a round or two of Monopoly with your pals (that is, until someone builds a hotel on Mayfair – then, the bonds of friendship no longer apply).

Board games not your thing? In that case, check out our list of .


Thinking of picking up a new hobby? From coding and journaling to watercolors and poetry-writing, we’ve got . You can even make your own contribution to human knowledge by taking part in any of a great number of . You can also read about an ITMO.NEWS reporter’s as a participant of the Zooniverse project.

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