ITMO: Better Than Feed: Why Newsletters Are Cool Again

In the age of unlimited access to information, it’s actually nice to sometimes… limit it! That’s one of the reasons why newsletters are a great alternative to social media that also feels more personal and fun.

Ever felt like picking up a fresh newspaper from your porch and reading the latest news over a morning coffee? Unfortunately, it’s not really a thing now, but the format of limited and well-curated information instead of endless social media feeds is still attractive and, thankfully, accessible. Cue email newsletters.

Yes, they are back and quickly . Email newsletters offer an experience similar to getting an actual letter – personal, insightful and relevant. The fact that you have to wait for it also adds a little excitement to the process of consuming information we’re all so used to. Plus, you never know what will be in it.

But where do you look for authors, outlets, and brands to subscribe to? We have some tips.

Check the websites of your favorite museums or museums you’d love to visit. Visual material and fascinating information is what they’re all about, so it’s no wonder that it’s a pleasure to receive letters from them! Just to give you some examples: the , the , and the all have well-put-together newsletters that include announcements about their events – both online and offline.

Think about writers and thinkers you like. For example, Patti Smith, the famous singer, poet, and author, has launched her own this spring, in which she shares her thoughts, impressions, and stories behind her lyrics.

Consider subscribing to magazines. Both major (such as ) and local ones (such as St. Petersburg-based ) compile newsletters with their best stories.

Support your favorite independent creators on Patreon and Bandcamp. Patreon will allow you to receive special content shared only with the subscribers, whereas Bandcamp allows you to keep track of all new releases by small labels or bands you like. Some of the profiles we like are on Patreon, a video game reviewer, and , an indie music label, on Bandcamp.

Follow your favorite shops to get some inspiration and discounts. For example, I quite enjoy receiving colorful and cute letters from . Yes, it might be annoying to receive dozens of such offers, but if you only select a few, you will benefit from it. Email management apps such as Clean Email or eM Client can help you organize your inbox.

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