ITMO: Gazprom Neft and ITMO University to Launch Joint Innovative Industrial Center

The center will conduct research and develop products using the facilities of Gazprom Neft’s technology cluster, ITMO’s faculties, and laboratories, whereas ITMO Highpark (the university’s world-class research, education, and innovation center) will be responsible for small-scale production of equipment and prototypes.

This way, the new center will provide a full cycle of innovation production, from scientific findings to final products and their distribution. At the start of the project, the annual volume of income from industry orders is expected to be at around 300 million rubles.

Blending science and industry, the new center will welcome 150 developers from Gazprom Neft and 300 current (DSc and PhD) and aspiring scientists.

“ITMO University is one of our major educational partners in St. Petersburg. We already have a couple of ongoing joint projects, including those in the field of artificial intelligence. By signing this agreement, we aim to launch an innovation pipeline that will fuel the growth and technological independence of our sector. We strive to cooperate in such fields as robotics, artificial intelligence, and industrial software. However, particular attention will be paid to the training of new professionals. We want ITMO students to be fully prepared to join our team once they receive their diplomas. Hopefully, the new project will be mutually beneficial for both sides and the industry as a whole, too,” says Alexander Dyukov, the Chair of the Management Board at Gazprom Neft.

“We value collaborations with global technology companies. Gazprom Neft is currently changing its specialization from energy to technology, and this transformation goes well in line with ITMO’s 2030 Development Strategy. Together, we will launch novel markets and products that will boost scientific and technological progress, ensure a high technology readiness level, and promote the synergy of business, science, and education. Cutting-edge research calls for collaboration, and the center will allow us to fruitfully collaborate and implement innovative projects in artificial intelligence, cyberphysical systems, and digital technologies,” comments Vladimir Vasilyev, the Rector of ITMO University.

The Innovative Industrial Center will be established with the participation of ITMO’s Technology Transfer Center.

Another joint project by Gazprom Neft and ITMO is the Advanced Engineering School, supported by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, that will train specialists who will solve high-tech industry problems and ensure the country’s technological sovereignty. The school will focus on biotech, photonics, and software engineering.