ITMO: ITMO Highpark to Become Connected to St. Petersburg’s Water Supply Network

The Vodokanal of St. Petersburg (the city’s main water utilities enterprise – Ed.) has begun the final stage of connecting to centralized cold water supply and disposal systems; as of now, the associated works are 80% done. As part of their efforts, the state utilities company’s specialists will install over 41 kilometers of engineering infrastructure.

Corrosion-proof high-pressure polyethylene pipes will be installed over the course of the project. In order to avoid substantial damage to roadbeds, the project employs a combination of open-pit mining and horizontal directional drilling. The latter method is used when plumbing has to be installed on an already developed territory or around natural or engineering obstacles, such as rivers, highways, or railroads.

It is planned that over 22 km of water supply and over 19 of water disposal networks will be built at the site, as well as a wastewater pumping station near the Lesnoe railway station.

Access to the water supply network will not only benefit ITMO Highpark but also support the development of the Pushkinsky District, including the satellite city Yuzhny, offering new employment opportunities as well as helping establish recreational and social infrastructure. All construction works performed by Vodokanal are to be completed in 2022.

Earlier, it was that the completion of the first housing units in Yuzhny will be timed to coincide with the opening of ITMO Highpark.

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