ITMO: ITMO Hosts Summer Course for School Students

The Center polled teenagers about what topics they’d like to add to their school curricula. Apparently, the majority of them are most interested in IT: they’d like to design information materials, create powerful presentations, and learn more about video editing, streaming programs, digital tools for goal-setting and team management, social media marketing, and much more.

During courses, students work on unique projects, create their own brands, practice public speaking, master critical thinking, learn how to tackle tricky questions and objections, and make short videos.

“We strive to be on the same page with today’s kids, and provide a friendly environment so that they can acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills and discover their inner-self and the world,” says Maria Topunova, the head of ITMO’s Center for the Development of Supplementary Education.

The project involves specialists from different university units, including the staff of the Center for the Development of Supplementary Education and ITMO’s innovative library, as well as experts from its renowned promotion team with numerous marketing awards in Russia and abroad.

“This summer, I taught a course on how to calculate a break-even point and profit for your project or product. Together with the students, we explored Excel functions and formulas and created charts. Working as teams, they set up their budget, priced their product or service, and then included their numbers in presentations. It’s amazing that students were so interested, even though this is a rather challenging topic,” share Ekaterina Dias, the director of ITMO.STORE.

At the end of each course, students present their projects, as well as receive feedback and an “investment” from major companies in St. Petersburg. They can use this money to buy a hoodie, T-shirt, or some souvenirs at ITMO.STORE.

“During the day, adults and kids spend time together. We make plans, study, eat lunch, drink tea, and share our ideas and goals. We have such bright and creative participants this year, and I’m very proud of them. Plus, it’s a pleasure to work with kids and learn from them at comfortable and modern spaces that ITMO provides for us,” shares Maria Topunova.

On weekends, ITMO University and Sevkabel Port hold scientific workshops for the participants. In July, they had the chance to explore new advances in genome editing, put their knowledge into practice, create a vaccine model, and also launch a math marathon for younger children.

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