ITMO: ITMO University Launches Job Contest for Participants of 10th Congress of Young Scientists

This year, the Congress’s participants have the opportunity to get a position at the university from September 1, 2021. As of today, the contest involves two positions; there may be more in the future. 

This year, ITMO offers new opportunities to the participants of the Congress of Young Scientists. Now, the university’s students and those who only plan to the university can get a job as part of doing their research.

“This shall offer additional support to young scientists who enroll at our university,” says Oleg Eliseev, the head of Center for Student Science, Conferences, and Exhibitions. “The selection process takes time, and making decisions on a tight schedule can lead to unfavorable results, especially if it’s first-year Master’s students who just applied to the university that we’re talking about. On the other hand, we are looking for additional stimuli for attracting applicants who are motivated to do research at ITMO. So we give our potential staff members an opportunity to get to know us in advance, and open the selection of candidates for employment as early as in the spring semester.”

Oleg Eliseev
The work associated with the project will take place from September 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. After this period, there will be an opportunity to renew the employment contract for the next academic year. The winners of the job contest will be able to work and study at ITMO at the same time. “The contest’s winners will get a salary of about 25,000 rubles a month,” adds Oleg Eliseev. “Their participation in the project will also give them an advantage in the contest for an enhanced scholarship for research activities.”

Open positions

This year, participants of the Congress of Young Scientists will be able to choose from two positions that are part of the “Interaction practices in a transdisciplinary space”. This project is aimed at the development of new digital instruments for showcasing museum exhibits, rare books stored at libraries, and results of area studies. The positions are that of a narrative designer and junior developer.

These are the positions that participants of the Congress of Young Scientists who decided to join ITMO University can apply for. You can read the details .

“As a test, we’ve offered positions in a project by the headed by Antonina Puchkovskaya,” explains Oleg Eliseev. “We hope to find motivated students, so that next year, we can offer even more positions for this contest.”

Everyone who registered on the Congress of Young Scientists website and will be an ITMO student by September 1, 2021 can participate in the contest.

Antonina Puchkovskaya
How else can you get a job as part of your thesis work

ITMO University students have other opportunities to find a job that will be part of their research.

“A new service for finding positions associated with research projects at the University that are open for students has been introduced into ITMO’s ISU system,” comments Oleg Eliseev. “This option will help project heads to find talented students, and give the latter an opportunity to get a job in their fields while studying at ITMO.”

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