ITMO: ITMO’s Faculty of Physics to Train Experts in Wireless Technologies

Before 2022, radiophysics was just one of the two specializations offered within the single Bachelor’s program available at the Faculty of Physics. Over time, it became evident that radiophysics deserved more attention. This innovative field has been long developed by the faculty’s scientists in their works with MRI, 5G, 6G, and RFID technologies. Moreover, there is a high demand for inventions in this field from various high-tech companies. All of this led the faculty to launch a separate Bachelor’s program in radiophysics that would rely on new equipment, employ new approaches, and aim to produce palpable results.

“The ecosystems of the future are built using wireless connections, positioning, and health monitoring technologies. That’s why right now the world needs specialists capable of producing such hardware solutions that will be viable on the market,” says Stanislav Glybovsky, the head of the new program.

Compared to its counterpart, the Applied and Theoretical Physics program, Wireless Technologies will put a greater emphasis on courses in physics and technologies of wireless systems, which will start in the third year. However, even first-years will be involved in topical research projects, including in the fields of 5G and wireless power transfer, guided by the faculty’s scientists.

In general, applied research is the main focus of the new program, which is why the curriculum features courses in contemporary technological methods, innovation implementation, startups, and other related subjects. Moreover, students will be able to opt for the entrepreneurial track.

“We are looking for students who want to learn to detect dark matter with wireless technologies, create state-of-the-art 5G systems and the Internet of Things, improve satellite communications, develop RFID devices, or improve the efficiency of early-stage cancer diagnostics with MRI. At this program, students will be working with a wide range of wireless technology topics and will be able to join projects of world-class researchers starting from their first year at the university,” adds Dmitry Zhirikhin, a curator of the program.

After completing the program, students will be able to choose between continuing their research or pursuing a career in the high-tech industry. Those wishing to stay in academia will be welcome at the faculty’s Master’s program, many students of which join the faculty as researchers and work on joint projects with ITMO’s major industry partners.

“The program in wireless technologies will equip students with fundamental knowledge to allow them to find quick solutions in chaotic situations, as well as with first-hand practical experience in a highly popular field, gained while developing projects for high tech companies,” concludes Alexey Slobozhanyuk, a researcher at the Faculty of Physics.