ITMO: ITMO’s Interactive Area for Travelers Opens at Pulkovo Airport

No matter your reason for coming to St. Petersburg, you can now learn all about the best places to visit in the city and every available opportunity right at Pulkovo Airport. How? By visiting ITMO’s unique interactive area, where any traveler will be able to plan their route, score discounts at Roof Fest, Lenfilm, and Yandex, as well as learn about applying to ITMO University.

St. Petersburg is not only Russia’s cultural capital, but also a major research and technology hub and one of the leaders in the number of universities and IT companies in the country. Moreover, St. Petersburg is the home of ITMO University, a leading Russian university and the alma mater of multiple winners of programming and robotics contests.

Now, everyone visiting the city can discover St. Petersburg’s top spots and opportunities right upon arrival at Pulkovo Airport. ITMO’s interactive area is open for everyone, including school students looking to get to know the city and find a university to apply to or travelers wishing to discover a new side to St. Petersburg.

Learn and mingle
Anyone interested in science and technology can get their hands on a geek-friendly map with specially compiled routes and the coolest landmarks. If you have already been to Palace Square and the Hermitage, you can decide to visit ITMO’s Museum of Optics, ogle at the giant periodic table on Moskovsky Prospekt, and enjoy some music on a rooftop on Kozhevennaya Liniya. The map features nearly 20 locations off the beaten track that will impress geeks and travelers alike, including museums, galleries, public spaces, murals, boutiques, and the tastiest eateries.

Fill out a brief survey and you’ll also receive discounts from ITMO’s friends and partners: for instance, the Museum of Optics, the Roof Fest summer festival, Lenfilm Studio, Bushe bakeries, or Dodo Pizza. Moreover, a limited merch collection by will be available to try on and purchase on the spot.

Relax and enjoy
Don’t forget to check in and take your first picture to remember St. Petersburg by! The special selfie mirror lets you pose next to the city’s iconic landmarks, rushing planes, and more. And if you need a place to spend your layover at, charge your phone, or relax, there is a lounge area just for you.

Discover and apply
Naturally, you will also be able to learn more about ITMO and its educational programs at the Admissions Office pop-up. Or, if you’d like, discover the oppor tunities for those looking to work at the university.

“We want to show the city from a novel perspective: St. Petersburg is not just about white nights and the Hermitage, it is also one of the largest educational clusters, the heart of geek culture, and, of course, it’s the home of ITMO University. The interactive area will have something both for first-time visitors and experienced tourists, who will be able to plan their unique routes to non-trivial sightseeing spots. Future applicants, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to learn about the opportunities available at ITMO straight from the horse’s mouth. Our recent graduates and current students working at the interactive area will share their own experiences of studying at the university,” shares the organizing team.

The interactive area will be open at the arrivals gate until September 7.