ITMO: ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems Becomes Partner of the INTARI Company

The agreement will allow both sides to jointly initiate and develop scientific, educational, and innovative projects in the field of energy and eco-technologies.

“As part of the agreement, we plan to conduct joint research and participate in national projects aimed at preserving our resources and solving environmental problems,” says Igor Baranov, the head of ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems.

The INTARI company has the necessary scientific, project, productive, and human capacities to address the challenges of various fields.

“Together with the School, we’re going to initiate scientific studies to ensure lean production at varied enterprises and develop new solutions for reducing the environmental impact caused by both industrial and agribusiness companies. I believe that this cooperation will allow us to implement and promote joint green projects and train highly qualified specialists for protecting the environment from natural and human-made disasters,” notes Roman Zernov, the head of the NefteGasInvest INTARI company.

A notable example of successful business-university collaboration is Sergey Gastev, a PhD student at ITMO’s , who has become a senior research associate at the INTARI company and headed the company’s department for the development and implementation of innovative eco-technologies.

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