ITMO: New Things, This Spring

Spring is near-synonymous with change, and what change could be more important than that which we make ourselves? We enter this bright new season wisened (one would hope) by a most perilous, unusual, and enlightening year. Here’re all the new things we’ll be trying out in the coming weeks:

This probably doesn’t count as a first, but it is definitely something of a spring resolution (’cause who makes them in January, right?): I want to seriously start prioritizing self-care. And not the facemasks kind, but the kind where I complete assignments before deadlines to preserve my own sleep routine and inner peace. On a lighter note, I want to create and complete a musical project – which I have never done or even thought of before. I am open to any discoveries I make in this process (hopefully, there will be some) but most importantly the feeling of seeing something new appearing out of thin air: that is true magic.

While the pandemic was a truly challenging experience, it forced me to learn some new skills, and the one I’m particularly excited to explore further this spring is camping. Before last March, I used to log a lot of frequent flier miles and my idea of camping was a cheap hotel. But there’s a first time for everything. This April, I can’t wait to set up our tent by the lake, roast marshmallows and watch the stars shoot across the night sky.

After waking from what seems like endless hibernation, finally, I’m getting into the groove. Doesn’t spring always give you the vibes of starting fresh and trying new things? Well, it certainly does for me. So, this spring, I’m all in for brand-new experiences. Experimenting with cooking and baking? Sounds great, may not taste so great tho. Check out what bouldering is all about? Absolutely, I’ve been thinking about it for ages. Plan a memorable getaway to nature? As soon as the weather will give its permission. But on top of this list is to make my first apartment feel like home starting with deep-cleaning and decluttering, pleasant shopping, and interior decorating. Let’s see what happens next!

Warm rays of long-awaited sun finally make us feel refreshed and empowered to shake off this winter hibernation. This spring I’ve decided to direct this energy to exploration of unknown Mother Russia. I can’t say for sure what it’s going to be – a baby step to visiting some of St. Petersburg suburbs on a weekend or a grand week-long tour to the Ural Mountains, depends on how lucky and productive I will be. But I believe it’s a high time to discover and rediscover many-sided Russia not through YouTube videos, but through first-hand experience, learning its history, meeting new people, and getting closer to understanding what my homeland really is.

This spring, I feel the need for changes, so, among other things, I’m trying to renovate my room. As it turns out, it’s not that hard and even quite fun. Thanks to the internet, you can check out most things online and then come to the store to buy them straight away without the need to walk around the shelves for hours. I also got rid of many old things. Web services are of help here as well: I’m giving stuff away through . There are surprisingly many people who need rather mediocre old books, VHS tapes, and other dusty items that I thought were useless by now. So yeah, it’s not hard to make small changes, I recommend this to everyone, .

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