ITO Olympiad Results Declared


Acing an exam requires months’ worth of hard work, practice, learning, and application to make use of the knowledge gained. Keeping the preparations aside, answering questions in a fixed time counts for a separate challenge in itself, so overcoming all of these hurdles is the very first victory to a participant. Hence, the Indian Talent Olympiad heartily congratulates all participating candidates.

Lakhs of students appeared for the subject or subjects of their choices, we understand that everyone has their own preferences and thus the variety is offered to best cater to their needs, for the exams provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talent and the acknowledgement, they receive for their hard work in form of the results. The certificates and associated awards, which also include scholarships and exciting prizes serve to encourage both, the students who gain motivation to work harder and confidence in their abilities, and the parents to gain trust and appreciation for their child’s talent, hard work, and skills.

The ranks provide the students with a chance to evaluate where they stand amongst their peers and help them get a feel of the competitive exam environment. Indian Talent Olympiad maintains a list of toppers and rankers from past years, this serves as an additional acknowledgement to the individual’s hard work and boosts their morale, to excel in subjects of their choices.

The results can be viewed at :

After logging in to the portal with the roll number of the candidate, between the designated dates announced. The respective subjects, student details, associated rankings, and awards are displayed on the page itself along with the digital Olympiad certificates, for all participating candidates.

Apart from it a congratulatory message from P.T. Usha, the renowned Indian Olympic athlete, and the head of the Indian Talent Olympiad advisory committee can be seen on the page itself, in which she expresses her warm greetings and many congratulations, to all the participating candidates, rankers and achievers.


The awards for various ranks can be stated as follows:

  • National Rank 1- Scholarship of Rs.1,00,000, along with Special Medal and Certificate.
  • National Rank 2- Scholarship of Rs.40,000, along with Special Medal and Certificate.
  • National Rank 3- Laptop, along with Special Medal and Certificate.
  • National Rank 4- Tablet, along with Special Medal and Certificate.
  • State Rank 1-10- Cash Scholarship, along with Special Medal and Certificate.
  • State Rank 11-25-Excellence Medal and Certificate

(Digital Certificate of participation is made available to all candidates in the Results Section.)


We try to help students grow and evaluate their knowledge in a field of their interest. It is upon seeing them prosper and come out with flying colours, that brings us much joy, for they are the future of the nation, the builders for the upcoming generations, and these evaluations and guidance services lay a stronger foundation for the same.

The exams are prepared with an aim to bring out a better understanding of a subject, keeping in mind the candidate’s qualification and syllabus. The results are published maintaining criteria and hence the comparison and rankings are decided as well. The MCQ format is prepared keeping in mind the competitive exams that one has to undertake in order to participate in various fields of interest. Apart from all of it, the criteria that have been set enables for a fair judgment, allowing the candidates to better know of their standing amongst the others that fit in criteria similar to theirs. To help a student prepare better the tailored workbooks are made available so that the student can avail better guidance and solve questions of a similar pattern so they are prepared to face questions of the kind. Hard work always yields good results and acknowledgement, in turn, boosts morale, and we intend to provide the best that we can to aid and assure one of where they stand, perhaps even help them improve in the due course of time.

We aim to cater to the generations participants, to help them improve and learn better of their skills, strengths and have a deeper understanding of their subjects of interest. While they provide us with an idea of how to improve to suit them better.

The excellent results provide hope to the bright young minds as they take another step towards an improved future, ready to face challenges, believing in themselves, working hard and improving at every stage.

Our warmest congratulations to all the rank holders for their excellent performance, greetings and best wishes to all participants, we acknowledge and applaud your efforts and hard work and look forward to your bright future. Heartiest of thanks to all for making this edition of the exams a grand success and for carrying on the tradition of excellence, you have our gratitude and the best of greetings for your future ahead!

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