IUST celebrates its 16th Foundation Day


AWANTIPORA : To commemorate its establishment of Islamic University of Science & Technology (IUST), Awantipora on the occasion of 16th Annual Foundation Day, IUST organized two day festivities at the campus and a huge convention in which Vice Chancellor IUST, Prof. Shakil Ahmad Romshoo, was the chief guest.

While offering his highest commendations towards the work done by all those associated with the university since its journey began in 2005, Prof. Romshoo, hailed the efforts of all the former vice chancellors, administration, teachers, staff members and students for having met high levels of standards in acquiring an elevated position in the society and lauded the “the rate at which the university has progressed” throughout the years.

He also expressed his satisfaction at how the “difficult phases including the pandemic” that came along in the journey of all institutions aided in laying down a stronger foundation for university, Prof. Romshoo said, “Many of us including the institution suffered some personal losses amidst the challenges of Covid-19. We resumed our academic activities and returned to where we were.” Prof. Romshoo shared his future plans and strategic approaches that would benefit university in coming years and create a niche for it in the Higher education sector, “We have a strategic document on every aspect of the university governance whether it comes to university administration, financing or the promotion of academics and research”. He also stressed the importance of such Research Centers, to understand and promote the culture, language, civilization, by putting forward a “good advisory” for the University to be categorized as a “research” centered institute.

Registrar IUST, Prof. Naseer Iqbal, while sharing his thoughts about the overwhelming the journey of university’s growth said, “The university had humble beginnings and now it is witnessing a massive growth in every aspect be its academics, infrastructure, research or other developments”. Crediting all the former Vice Chancellors of IUST, for “their remarkable achievements”, he hoped for such an exemplary movement of “development and growth” to be carried forward for reaching new heights success.

Dean Academics Affairs, Prof. A.H Moon, called the Foundation dayas a “peek into the past”, to look back in order to plan the future, while praising the previous contributions that helped in the establishment of IUST. “This rare occasion gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who are responsible for the development and raising this institution, at times with financial constraint,” he said.

He praised his strong will to stay motivated through every thick and thin and in bringing “democratization amongst students to allowing them to express themselves” for their rights.

Former VC IUST, Prof. Siddiq Wahid shared the “challenges” encountered back then to start a university and the desire which drove them to stay committed. “What I think we gave the university were values. It is the administration in the service of education and not the education in the service of administration, that’s a value we all could use in South Asia and try to imbibe”. Highlighting the importance of “democratization” to encourage the students in expressing their rights, he called it the “spirit of the university”, emphasizing the eminent role of “students union” or a “student body” that they play in a university. He further spoke about the “value of interdisciplinary activity” for various disciplines to talk to each other, which becomes mandatory for interaction in between the faculties to coordinate in a system.

Former VC, Prof. A. R Prof. Trag expressed his pleasure to have witnessed the rapid growth of the university over the years. “It indeed was a very bold decision of Prof. Wahid Siddiq, with the willpower with which he started some of the departments for this university to move ahead”. He further acknowledged the students’ involvements towards their sincerity in gaining knowledge that not just lauds their efforts but also makes their University proud.

Dean of Students, Dr. Anisa Jan commenced the proceedings by observing a moment of silence, held to honor the contributions of departed dignitaries, who played a major role in the University’s progress.

Addressing the audience on education being the “foundation of a citizen’s character” that sums up to being the“ character of the whole nation”, Dr. Anisa Jan stressed on commemorating not just the “foundation of the institute” but also “to commemorate the contribution to all those who have been a part of this place since its inception”

Former Head, Department of Islamic studies, Prof. Andrabi lauded the university on its “expansion of knowledge”, calling the foundation day to be reminisced as a “day of progress” He spoke on how the institution consistently proves out to be a strong example, progressing each day and hoped for the university to touch skies and for its name to be enlisted amongst the top most educational institutions.

Dr. Anisa Jan recalled the extraordinary journey that memorialized feats of the University. “16 years back it was in this week when the university was established after passing an act in J&K legislative assembly on November 7, 2005 and its subsequent notification on November 11, 2005. We have come a long way”, Dr. Jan said.

Several cultural performances comprising folk music, storytelling, skit, poetry recitation, mentalism were presented by the students which were coordinated by the Head, Cultural Affairs Dr. Monisa Qadiri who also proposed the vote of thanks.

On this event, VC Prof. Romshoo and Prof. Iqbal presented mementos to the invited dignitaries and staff members to acknowledge their contribution.


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