J D Birla Institute celebrated Saraswati puja

Kolkata: The tradition of Saraswati puja in Bengal is an annual celebration of the goddess of wisdom and knowledge in homes, schools, colleges and libraries and attended by all aspirants of knowledge young and old, irrespective of their religious affiliations. While, it has become synonymous to the invocation of a spirit of learning among us all, the waning pandemic could not deter the spirit, and it was celebrated amidst great fervor and traditional gaiety.

JD Birla Institute continued its tradition of celebrating Basant Panchami every year from its inception in 1962, albeit for the first time with the virtual presence of the students of the institution, to ensure optimum levels of social distancing. 16th February 2021, saw the college decorated in myriad hues of orange and yellow, as the day was celebrated with faculty and staff from the departments of Science, Commerce and Management. Beginning with a short virtual cultural program featuring Saraswati Vandana and dances, the rituals were commenced with utmost austerity in the campus. As the goddess leads us from ignorance to light, prayers were uttered for health and well being of all.


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