Jaipur Development Authority and Quantela announces the hosting of Smart City Expo India event in Jaipur

Jaipur, 4th June 2018:Jaipur Development Authority(JDA), in collaboration with Quantela, announced the hosting of “Smart City Expo India, Jaipur 2018”event in the city of Jaipur. The event will be organised on a global scale by Fira, one of the largest European trade fair organizations that organise numerous trade shows and congresses, including Mobile World Congress and Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona, which has been recognized by the UN Habitat and The World Bank.

The announcement about the Smart City Expo India was made by Shri. Vaibhav Galriya, Jaipur Development Commissioner and Shri Sridhar Gadhi, Founder & CEO,Quantela Inc. The event was graced by Shri. D B Gupta, Chief Secretary, Rajasthan and Shri Pawan K Goyal, Assistant Chief Secretary, UDH

Smart City Expo India is scheduled to be held from 26th to 28thSeptember 2018 in Jaipur and will showcase the innovation in the space of Smart Cities globally. Historically, Jaipur has been an unique destination in India with great culture, heritage and awe-inspiring architecture and in today’s world, it is one of the earliest adopters of Smart City solutions and continues to expand through Smart Elements under the supervision of Jaipur Development Authority. Jaipur also has necessary infrastructure and global recall and recognition to be host of such an important global scale event. The event will help in establishing Jaipur as a smart city concept trendsetters, by being the meeting point for the best experts, companies and thousands of professionals from across the globe. It will help Jaipur to position itself before the world as one of the world capitals for the Smart Cities concept: A place where innovation and technology are the drivers of a smart society, businesses and city government to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Quantela offers the new age digital technology solutions for the smart cities and focuses on being the intelligence behind every smart city. The company provides Artificial intelligence based smart cities automation & Intelligence platform that leverages breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics to maximize better urban infrastructure utilization, increase efficiency, effectiveness , increase revenue & reduce the operating costs.

Smart City Expo India will be an international conference that will attract Governments, industry experts, policy makers, companies, innovators, influencers, entrepreneurs, research centers etc. from across the globe. The primary objective of the hosting the event is to have these global leaders share their expertise and solutions related to product innovations, research discoveries, compelling case studies, technical expertise, panel discussions, best management practices with the industry peers in India.

Smart City Expo India will focus on the imperative need to empower cities and therefore to empower the people. The key focus areas of the Smart City Expo India includes the following –

· Innovation, Technology & Digital Governance: Artificial Intelligence, Technological Development, Talent Attraction, Innovation Ecosystems, Industrial policies, Smart Regions, Internet of Things, Big Data, Algorithms, Control and Monitoring Centers, Blockchain, Open Government, Open Data Research centres, Universities, Incubators, Civic tech, Smart city strategies

· Mobility & Urban Planning:Traffic Automation, Sustainable Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles, Real-time Traffic Monitoring, Construction Materials, Construction Modeling, Smart Architecture, Urban planning, Housing, Basic service provision, Public spaces, Transit- oriented development and Public transportation

· Social Development: Water and sanitation services, Civic Engagement, Collaborative City, Public Security, Public Services, Quality of Life, Inclusion, Equality, Poverty, Social Services, Community Development, Slums dwelling and Gender gap

· Smart Destinations: Smart & Sustainable Tourism, Quality of Life, Technology & Tourism, Contemporary Arts & Culture, Cultural Heritage, Architecture, Sustainable & Quality Tourism, Airports and travel infrastructures

· Clean Tech & Circular Economy: Renewable Energies, Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Food Chain, Pollution, Air Quality, Resilience, Water & Waste management, Resource Efficiency, Soil & Land Use and Circular economy

· Smart Village: Rural Energy & Development, Health and Welfare, Education, Technology, Digital Payments and Employment

Shri. Srichand Kriplani, Hon’ble Minister UDH & LSG, Rajasthan said, “Under the direction of Hon’ble CM, Urban Development department is driving hard to achieve new milestones of development. Various projects like Ringroad, Dravya aati Rejuvenation, Smart city etc have helped change the face of Jaipur.

The Smart City Expo will bring best of the technologies, thinkers and city leaders to Jaipur. It will out Jaipur on the world map. My best wishes for the event.”

Shri Vaibhav Galriya, Jaipur Development Commissioner said, “Jaipur has come a long way in terms of becoming a world class Smart city. Under the direction of Hon’ble CM, we have been making all efforts to to change the face of Jaipur. Interventions by JDA in the sphere of Smart city have been recognised at the world level.

The Smart City Expo Jaipur shall be an ideal platform to showcase Jaipur to the world and also to bring best of world to Jaipur. We are proud to be hosting such a prestigious event” he further added

ShriSridhar Gadhi, Founder & CEO, Quantela Inc. said, “We are privileged to associate with Jaipur Development Authority and Fira to bring this global scale event to the city of Jaipur. The city has the necessary infrastructure, global recall and recognition to be the host of such an important global scale event”

“Smart City Expo India, Jaipur 2018 will be a business platform for an exceptional discussion for everybody who is working to tackle similar urban challenges and generate opportunities for action. It will also be an opportunity for us – as a country to showcase our efforts and achievements in the space of Smart cities and will be a driver for economic promotion” he further added.