Jaipur Music Stage 2019 celebrates India!

Jaipur: Day 3 of the Jaipur Music Stage took place on 26th January; a date which holds special significance to Indians everywhere. On this day in 1950, India adopted her democratic constitution. Therefore, it was befitting then that we saw, on this very day, a celebration of Indian music and musicians from two different ends of the musical spectrum; representative of the differences and intricacies that make up the country that we all love and cherish.

The energy at Day 3 of the Jaipur Music Stage was electric. Everybody was grooving along to the music and it was a treat to see this sea of people having such a good time. Midival Punditz ended the set with ‘Bhangra Fever’; which was the perfect finale to another great night at Jaipur’s favorite music festival.

The Jaipur Music Stage is not complete without the fantastic food and drink that has become synonymous with the festival. Kebabs, pizzas, pasta, burgers, chaat and chole-kulche were the perfect accompaniments to the wonderful music and atmosphere at the Festival.

The Jaipur Music Stage Night Market was another big crowd-puller. One could find everything from clothes to jewellery and little gifts right here. While the music took centre stage, the true connoisseurs of fine food, cocktails and merchandise made their way to the Night Market whenever they got a chance. There are some amazing goodies on offer, and quite a few bargains to be had as well.

All in all, this was the best concert Jaipur has seen in a while. Award-winning artistes, a fantastic venue, sumptuous food and delicious drinks made this an evening to remember. What a perfect way to enjoy Republic Day! The last day of the festival promises to be the biggest day yet. With a special collaboration and rumors of a surprise performance doing the rounds, everyone’s gearing up for the final party at this year’s Jaipur Music Stage.