Jaipuria Institute of Management concludes its first-ever E-convocation to felicitate its graduating students

New Delhi: In view of the ongoing pandemic and current lockdown, Jaipuria Institute of Management organized and concluded its first-ever E-Convocation today, where 900+ students from Noida, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Indore campuses graduated. The E-convocation was graced by the presence of the chief guest, Shri Rajnath Singh, Hon’ble Minister of Defenc, Government of India.

The program began at 11 AM and was attended by the Chief Guest, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Directors, faculty members, and students through video conferencing. The welcome address was delivered by the Chairman, Shri Sharad Jaipuria.

Addressing the students, Chairman, Shri Sharad Jaipuria said, “I would like to congratulate the graduating students for their hard work and achievements in attaining this postgraduate diploma in management. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to complete this level of education. This day marks an important stepping stone in your life. As you step out of the parallel learning environment and start your corporate career, there will be no curriculum or grades. Every day is likely to provide a different challenge. You need to remain focused on what you are trying to achieve.”

The welcome address was followed by a short speech by Vice Chairman, Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria who shared the progress report of Jaipuria Institute of Management for the year 2019-2020.

“Despite the various challenges including the unprecedented spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jaipuria Institutes have shown resilience and adaptability in its response, trying to continuously serve the interests of all its stakeholders especially students in this uncertain time. For most of our students, Jaipuria is the beginning of a corporate career. The institute has achieved placement of over 90% of its students despite the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 crisis since the end of March. Since the lockdown, more than 30 students have been placed. Our team continues to work tirelessly hand-in-hand with the remaining students. I am confident that their aspirations shall soon be met,” said Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria Vice Chairman.

Post this; Shri Rajnath Singh exchanged a few words with the students. Congratulating the graduates and motivating them for their future, he said “I convey my best wishes to all the graduates and congratulate them on their efforts and perseverance throughout their educational journey. I am sure the learning provided by Jaipuria Institutes will empower you and give you the strength to face the challenges of the future and sail through them smoothly.”

He emphasised on the the power of youth and mentioned that collaboration and collective efforts will be the key to success. He added that whenever in history the youth has come together, they have created and rewritten the history itself. The usage of technology to invent innovative solutions will become a norm for success. Technology can be a real rescue in difficult and challenging times. So, both technology and youth have immense potential for India.

Based on his own experiences, he provided the following life lessons to the students.

a) Follow your passion: He advised all passing out students to follow their passion and listen to their hearts to succeed in life

b) Learn to learn: He mentioned that Graduation day is not the end of learning rather it has just begun and will continue throughout. Hence, it is important to learn new lessons and skills in order to survive and succeed in the corporate world

c) Critical Thinking: He said critical thinking is one of the most sought after attributes in the corporate world. Tackling problems with an open and objective mind helps in finding the best solutions to combat them

In the end, he shared and emphasised on the vision of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for India of 21st century; Balwaan, Dhanwaan, Gyanvaan and Atma Nirbhar Bharat and urged the student to brace themselves and come forward to realize this dream.

Encouraging the students, the institute handed out medals to meritorious students; from Lucknow campus, 295 students graduated this year where Ms. Shubhi Sinha won not only a gold medal as a program topper but also ‘Student of the year’ title; the silver went to Rishap Kumar Gangnan in the Lucknow campus.

At Noida campus, 293 students graduated this year.

The gold medal in the PGDM program was won by Mudit Joshi while Nitin Goyal was awarded as overall Best Student and Ms. Anshika Gupta as the Best women student of the year.

Amongst the 226 students that graduated from Jaipur campus this year, the gold was won by program topper Ms. Anoushka Bhatia and the silver went to Ms. Srishti Paliwal. At the Indore campus, 127 students graduated this year where the gold medal was won by Ms. Amrita Ludhwani and the silver medal was won by Ms. Ritu Jagyasi.

Further encouraging their faculties, Jaipuria Institute of Management also handed out best faculty awards to deserving faculty members and awards to distinguished alumni. 8 awards were given to faculty members under the categories ‘Teaching excellence’ and ‘Overall positive impact’. For teaching excellence, Dr. Athar Mahmod from Jaipuria Lucknow, Dr. S.R Singhvi from Jaipuria Noida, Dr. Jagdish Bhagwat from Jaipuria Indore and Dr. Swati Soni from Jaipuria Jaipur won the prestigious award. For overall positive impact, Dr. Athar Mahmod from Jaipuria Lucknow, Prof. Ajay Bansal from Jaipuria Noida, Prof Rima Namhata from Jaipuria Jaipur and Devika Trehan from Jaipuria Indore won the award.

Felicitating the alumni, Jaipuria Institute of Management also handed out awards to their alumni achievers. From the Jaipuria Lucknow Campus, awards were given to Prof. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi (Batch 1995-1997) for academic excellence, Mr. Sachin Kapoor (Batch 2000-2002) for entrepreneurship, Mr. Rupesh Nath (Batch 2001-2003) for corporate excellence and Ms. Garima Srivastava (Batch 2012-2014) for notable public service.

From the Noida Campus, alumni achiever awards were given to Mr. Abhay Kumar Kashyap (Batch of 2004-2006) and Mr. Lalit Sharma (Batch 2009-2011) from Jaipur campus. At the Indore Campus, the alumni achiever award was won by Mr. Abhishek Chandan (Batch 2012-2014).

The first-ever E-convocation of Jaipuria Institute of Management concluded successfully with great fervor and joy.