Jamia Hamdard faculty develops an antigen based affordable and rapid diagnostic kit for coronavirus detection, can perform more than 300 tests within an hour

New Delhi: While we have been relatively unaffected by COVID-19, Jamia Hamdard faculty has been working on understanding the spread of this virus and developing new drugs and diagnostics. In partnership with an industry, Jamia Hamdard has designed and tested an antigen based affordable and rapid COVID diagnostic kit.
This kit is based on a lateral flow assay and single strip test card. After putting 2 drops of Swab Specimen, reading needs to be taken by a small portable fluorescent reader. The kit has a sensitivity of more than 90 %, which is comparatively better than available tests in India. Results can be seen within few second after 20 minutes incubation and more than 300 tests can be performed within an hour. The method developed is safe since swab sample can be collected in a tube, which immediately kills the virus. Also, the Antigen tests are cheaper and faster than molecular diagnostic tests.
Vice-Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard Dr. Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain while highlighting the function and working of the kit in an online press conference said the institute has also approached the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for introducing this test.

India currently uses Standard Q COVID-19 Ag detection assay, commonly known as rapid antigen detection test POC diagnostic assay in combination with RT-PCR test.
Jamia Hamdard is rapidly progressing to become an institution of international repute based on its cross-sectoral collaborations and take pride in having a diverse and interdisciplinary group of scholars in the areas of engineering, management, social science, pharma, medical sciences, nursing and allied healthcare to name a few. Jamia Hamdard aspires to be among the 100 best Universities of the world and have the passion and potential to be one among the top ranking institutions and have definite plans and capabilities to achieve the desired goals.

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