Jamia Hamdard organises webinar on COVID-19 Management : An Approach to Possibilities in Unani System of Medicine “

New Delhi: School of Unani Medical Education and Research Jamia Hamdard organised the third episode of Webinar series, on Topic- COVID-19 Management : An Approach to Possibilities in Unani System of Medicine ” to address ways of tackling the learning methodology in current pandemic by applying various teaching methodology and means, an urgent need of the hour.

The webinar attracted more than 422 delegates including academicians, researchers, clinicians, scholars and medical officers from different parts of India and abroad including Iraq, Iran, Sri-Lanka, UAE and South Africa. The learned academia and very reputed Unani Consultants deliberated the talk by their very valuable presentation.

Prof MA Jafri a senior professor of Unani Pharmacology at Jamia Hamdard and Former Director NIUM, Bangalore highlighted the significance and the role of Unani System of Medicine. He pointed out that healing by Unani system has immense potential which can be looked traditionally and scientifically in prophylactic and therapeutic intervention in nCoV and Covid-19 patients.

Prof. Afrozul Haq a renowned scholar of Vitamin D, and visiting professor at USA and Saudi Arabian institutions gave a detailed insight of the Role of Vitamin D which is unfortunately depleted in most of Indian population due to stay at home and non-exposure to sunlight in lockdown. He comprehensively explained the role of vitamin D and its significance in amelioration of Immunological response as well regulation of Renin angiotensin mechanism and pathway of Vitamin D synthesis.

Dr Waseem Ahmad an Assistant Professor and a young scientist awardee by CCRUM, Ministry of AYUSH , Govt. of India explored the antiviral activities by referring to “Unani Materia Medica” which ought to be explored for possibilities for not only the prophylaxis of Corona Pandemic but also for its therapeutic role.

Exploiting the theories of Mizaj, the temperament the role of Unani drugs can be related to contemporary information available in understanding “nCoV.Ilaj -bil-Ghiza”, While, Dietotherapy is one of the most important component of treatment and management of diseases through Unani which was well explained by Dr Iftikhar Ali Saifi who is a very senior nutrition therapist, herbalist and a consultant at Ibn.al Nafis Medical Clinic at UAE.

Speaking on the topic he coherently explained about the Asbab-e-Sittah Zaruriyah, diet regimes to be taken and how scientifically it can help in treatment and management of nCoV patients.

Lucidly, concluding remarked by Dean SUMER and the organizing Chairman of Webinar Series. She also highlighted the research findings of honourable Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard Prof.Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain which was published across national dailies. The Programme was congenially moderated by Dr Khursheed Ahmad. Ansari, Associate Professor of SUMER and the formal vote of thanks were proposed by Dr Shahid S. Chaudhary, Assistant Professor-SUMER, Jamia Hamdard.