Jamia Hamdard organises webinar on the “Challenge on imparting Unani teaching, Learning and Research” in Post Covid-19 Era

New Delhi: School of Unani Medical Education and Research Jamia Hamdard organised the second episode of Webinar series, on Topic- “Post Covid-19 Era: A challenge on imparting Unani teaching, learning and research” to address ways of tackling the learning methodology in current pandemic by applying various teaching methodology and means, an urgent need of the hour.

In such a transitional and transformational phase as we are into today; learning and sharing of knowledge in virtual mode becomes imperative which poses challenges. Preparedness to deal with and address the current health crisis by applying the new methodology of will help to overcome the situation.

The webinar was organised under the patronage of the head of the institution and a renowned scientist Vice-Chancellor Prof. Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ahmed Kamal. Representation from Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh and Tunisia was noticeable which included students, research scholar, academician, Minsitry of AYUSH medical officers and representatives from drug manufacturing concerns.

The Panel discussion focusing on the current challenges and it’s implacable solutions in teaching methodology that should be adopted by the stakeholders of the Unani System of Medicine.

The principal of A and U Tibbia College, Prof M.Idrees pointed out the very deep impact on the learning process and some of the adaptational measures that should be addressed by academia and the learners seeing the serious impact of Corona and Post COVID 19 Phase.

Prof. S Mehtab Ali, HOD of Anatomy in School of Unani Medical Education and Research gave a comprehensive insight while pointed out that syllabi of Undergraduate course in Unani medicine should be revised, and there should be a further inclusion of some important subjects which can help the Unani Graduates to develop research aptitude so that they can meet the data of efficacy, Safety parameters as to claim the scientific approach around the globe.

Former Principal of HZHS College Bhopal, Prof.S Nafees Bano and a researcher on nutraceuticals diets in various gynaecological diseases highlighted that “There is a huge challenge for the learners and students of Professional courses mainly the Unani medicine where the training is imperative and conventional and there is an urgent need to find the consistent and continuous process of learning by working hard in developing tools and devices which can support the teaching method in virtual simulations”.

Dr Mohammad Khalid, Asst. Drug controller Unani and Drug licencing Authority of Govt of NCT Delhi elaborated the new challenges, the social and the educational impact of corona and demanded that the Unani academia should fasten belts to match the pace so that they can adapt the changes seen by the Corona Pandemic. He encouraged the new generation Unani practitioners to armour themselves with technological intervention in learning, research and entrepreneurship.

The webinar was concluded by Prof. Suhail Fatima, the Dean SUMER and Medical superintendent Majeedia Unani Hospital. Very pertinent questions of attendees and delegates were well satisfied by the experts, during the session of the panel discussion. It was moderated by Dr Khursheed Ahmad Ansari, Associate Professor from Jamia Hamdard and a formal vote of thanks were proposed by Dr Shahid Shah Chaudhary, Asst Professor, Jamia Hamdard.