Jamia Hamdard organizes International webinar on Covid 19: Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Environments

New Eelhi: The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Jamia Hamdard organised the 3rd International Webinar on “Covid 19: Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Environments” on 06 July.

The webinar was organized under the patronage of Prof (Dr) Seyed Ehtesham Hasnain, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard and Prof (Dr) Ahmad Kamal, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard and was chaired by Prof M. Afshar Alam, Head & Dean, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jamia Hamdard.

The webinar was successfully conducted by the organizing committee members including following
Dr. Harleen Kaur(Coordinator),Dr. Ihteram Raza Khan, Dr. Jawed Ahmed, Dr. Bhavya Alankar, Dr. S. S. Ashraf, Mr. Tabish Mufti, Ms. Anam Saiyeda, Ms. Neha Sharma, Mr. Md. Omair Ahmad and received overwhelming registrations from faculties, researchers, scholars and students across the globe. It was hosted on the Google Meet platform and was also streamed live on YouTube.

The Inaugural Address was given by Prof M Afshar Alam who highlighted the theme of the webinar, bringing into light the opportunities along with the Challenges for Digital Environments in the current scenario when the world is fighting Covid 19. The inaugural address was followed by the lectures from the invited speakers. The webinar was graced by the presence of the Invited Speakers from Universities across the world. Speakers from Russia, Germany , Iran Turkey shared their views during the Webinar.

Prof. Diana Derval, Chair and Research Director, Derval Research, Germany talked bout the windows of opportunities during these times, She took an interesting approach by using analogies from the real world.
Dr. Rike Yudianti, Head (director) of Research Center for Physics, Indonesia spoke on the topic Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Enviroments with reference to her country Indonesia
Dr Tatiana Antipova, Institute of certified specialists, Russia talked about Covid 19 its spread worldwide, and its socio economic impact
Dr Bijan Bambai, Dept. Systems Biotechnology, NIGEB, Tehran, Iran spoke on the topic COVID-19 “an Engle with an Evil Mask” Repurposing NSP1 for combating Cancer
Dr. Neva Alasağ, Anadolu University, Turkey talked about neuro-science, neuro devices and also about cyber security in these challenging times.
Dr Zarrin Minuchehr, NIGEB, Tehran, Iran talked about the spread of corona virus, SARS Cov-2 Structure, SARS cov-2 receptor, ACE2 and S protein
Dr Mostafa Ghaderi-Zefrehei, Associate Professor in computational systems biology, Head of Yasouj international collaboration office, Co-founder of Rayan Zistfanavari Hermes, Iran gave a talk on the computational models & mathematical models used for biological phenomenons.
Dr. Omid Mahdi Ebadati E, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran talked about Digital and Network Security and Challenges faced liked cyber-crimes in these times.
Dr Eiad Yafi, University of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia talked about Digital Education during the pandemic COVID-19.

The Webinar successfully highlighted the Opportunities and Challenges for the Digital Environments during the COVID-19 crisis. An overwhelming feedback was received from the participants. All the participants will also be provided with a certificate of participation. The webinar concluded with the Vote of Thanks presented by Dr S.S. Ashraf.

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