Jamia Hamdard organizes valedictory event on training 46 students as a part of the first training Program for Ward Boys/Attendants

New Delhi: For over the past one and a half year, the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 wreaked havoc in the lives of many and overwhelmingly burdened the healthcare sectors. It also did not cease of affecting the healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses fighting on the frontlines to safeguard the impacted lives of everyone.
This realization made Jamia Hamdard come up with an initiative to train more Ward boys/attendants who would be capable to work under the supervision of staff nurses to be able to support them with the non-technical work required in the hospital. This programme was chaired and envisioned by the Chancellor of Jamia Hamdard, Mr. Hamid Ahmed. It has been conducted by the joint efforts of Business and Employment Bureau (BEB) & Jamia Hamdard (Deemed to be University) in association with Delhi Police with the objective to train ward boys/attendants to be able to help the nursing staff and to establish holistic care to the patients admitted in the COVID ward maintaining sound mental and physical health of the staff working for the COVID 19 patients and to maintain the smooth running of the departmental work.
The first batch of the four-week training programme from 2nd June,2021 which concluded on 30th June 2021 had 46 trainees. The training programme is co-ordinated by 2 teaching faculty from Rufaida College of Nursing and 13 trainers of which three master trainers were from the Daksh Lab, Jamia Hamdard. Besides, trainers from Batra hospital and Majeedia hospital were also invited to teach ward assistance skills. The training sessions were facilitated at the Seminar room and Nursing Foundation Lab of Rufaida College of Nursing, Daksh National Skills Lab and Majeedia Hospital, Jamia Hamdard.

The major topics covered during the training included infection prevention, biomedical waste management and care and management of COVID patients and helping the patients in activity of daily living. This training being imparted to the trainees is with the intent for them to be able to assist the health care personnel to share their workload and to be able to help maintain quality care of COVID patients and not to replace any cadre of health care system.

The valedictory session for the first batch as well as the inaugural session of the second upcoming batch had been held together today on the 1st of July 2021 at Jamia Hamdard. The first batch of the training programme for ward boys/attendants commenced from 2nd June, 2021 till 30th of June, 2021 and the next batch is scheduled from 5th of July, 2021 to 5th of August, 2021.

Chancellor Mr. Hamid Ahmed presided the event as the chief guest among other dignitaries; Pranav Tayal DCP Rohini, Atul Thakur DCP South Delhi, Deepak Yadav DCP New Delhi, Mr SSaAkhtar, Registrar, Prof.(Dr.) Md. Afshar Alam, Vice Chancellor, Mr. Shaukat Mufti, Executive Secretary-Business & Employment Bureau and other invited guests.

The Chancellor Hamid Ahmed in his address mentioned that the ward boys/attendants and all of the staff is having this opportunity to serve and care for the ailing ones and that through this service, the ward boys would be able to earn recognition and self-satisfaction besides the monetary benefits. He insisted that Jamia Hamdard has been serving the people since inception and this continuation of service is required from everyone.

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Afshar Alam, Vice chancellor, Jamia Hamdard, congratulated the newly trained 1st batch of ward boys/attendants and felicitated them to serve their duties in the best way. He also welcomed new batch and said that he is hopeful that there will be no dearth of trained support staff in COVID wards now. He also thanked trainers of RCON, SNSAH and Daksh lab for their efforts in providing useful and engaging training.

Registrar Mr. S.S. Akhtar in his address mentioned that, we must contribute to the wellness of the society and heal the ailing society as a part of Hamdard team and that, now the newly trained ward boys/ attendants would have the opportunity to serve the sick patients as well as to support the medical staff.

Prof (Dr.) Manju Chhugani, Dean, SNSAH presented the welcome address, expressing gratitude and acknowledging efforts of everyone involved in the successful completion of training the 1st batch and wishing luck to initiate the 2nd batch of the much-needed training program in this COVID pandemic. She welcomed and appreciated the ward boys/attendants for being the chosen one to serve the ailing society.

Officials of Delhi Police appreciated Jamia Hamdard administration for the successful training of 1st batch of ward boys/attendants. They appreciated the Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard for the initiation of training ward boys/attendants and said that this is an opportunity for the youth of the nation to serve society in distress especially the Covid patients in Hospital or Home settings. The Delhi Police Officials also thanked Jamia Hamdard authorities for opening the much-needed quarantine center for police personnel.

Mr. Shaukat Mufti, Executive Secretary Business & Employment bureau thanked everyone and said that we must take forward the concept of selfless service from Jamia Hamdard.
Ms. Gifty Bijoy, faculty, School of Nursing Sciences and Allied Health presented the Training report of 1st batch and appreciated the trainees for their consistent attendance and cooperation during the training. She mentioned that more than 90% trainees scored above 70% marks in post-test. She appreciated the disciplined manner of participation of all the trainees.

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