Jamia Hamdard’s faculty member gets an International award for her work in Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology

New Delhi: Jamia Hamdard’s Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Faculty member Dr. Deepika Singla has been awarded as the ‘International best researcher in Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology 2020’ by RULA International awards.

RULA international awards are an original token of appreciation and recognition towards the act of excellence in various disciplines. RULA awards is accredited by the World Research Council and United Medical Council. These councils are committed to empower researchers all over the world towards enhancements and strive for the qualitative health of the public along with the betterment of healthcare.

Dr. Deepika Singla did her Ph.D. in exercise physiology and was awarded gold medal for being a topper during her post-graduation (MPT sports).

She has so far published 21 papers in peer-reviewed quality International Journals. As an active peer-reviewer for many International Journals she has 155 citations to her name. Apart from being a passionate researcher, she loves to teach and has close to 8 years of teaching experience and serves as a guide for students pursuing post-graduation and Ph.D. in the field of exercise physiology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. She is keenly interested in research and learning in the fields of physiotherapy, biomechanics and exercise physiology while experimenting with newer technologies for the betterment of society and the country at large.

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