Jamia Millia Iislamia organises 2nd lecture on “COVID-19: A Pandemic of Mistreated Biodiversity”

New Delhi: The Department of Geography, Jamia Millia Iislamia(JMI) organised second lecture on “COVID-19: A Pandemic of Mistreated Biodiversity” as part of its Webinar Series. The lecture was delivered by Prof. P.K. Joshi, Chairperson, Special Centre for Disaster
Research, JNU, New Delhi.
Prof. Joshi started his lecture by explaining the meaning of biodiversity and the concept
of threat to Biodiversity with the help of HIPPO (i.e, Habitat Loss, Invasive Species,
Pollution, Population-Human, Over exploitation). Later he linked the concept, uses and
loss of biodiversity with the current situation of Covid-19 by highlighting various
examples from the world. He also suggested various ways for the conservation and
restoration of biodiversity.
The lecture was followed by a plethora of questions, observations and suggestions from
many experts, research scholars and students. The Webinar started with the welcome address by Prof. Haroon Sajjad, Officiating Head, Dept of Geography, JMI. This was followed by the introduction of the speaker by Prof. Masood A Siddiqui, Coordinator, Webinar Series. The Webinar was attended by learned scholars from Colleges of Delhi University (Dr. V.S. Negi, Dr. Anand Malik, Dr. Deeksha Bajpai, Dr. Zaheen Alam, Dr. Abhay Kumar), Allahabad University (Dr. Ashwajeet Chaudhary), Burdwan University (Dr. Biplab Biswas), & IMD (Dr. K.J. Ramesh).
It was also attended by faculty members of Geography Department–Prof. M. Ishtiaq,
Prof. Masood Siddiqui, Prof. Haroon Sajjad, Prof. Atiqur Rahman, Dr. Lubna Siddiqui, Dr.
Pravin Kumar Pathak, Dr. Asif, Dr. S. Masood Ahmad, Dr. Shakeel Ahmad, Mr. Anil Kumar
Sinha and others.
The webinar ended with a formal vote of thanks by Prof. Atiqur Rahman, Department of

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