Jamia Millia Islamia organizes on ‘Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship’

New Delhi: The Department of Commerce and Business Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), organized a Conclave on Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship where His Excellency, Dr Christopher Nwanoro, Minister Counsellor, Nigeria High Commission was the Chief Guest and Keynote speaker.

Professor B. Bhattacharyya, Former Dean, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade; Mr. Ezeugo Nnamdi, Founder, Exelient Africa; Mr. Mazi Jerry Collins, Director, Projects, Exelient Africa and Mr. OjasWadhwa, Business Manager, Fine Chemicals, Ojas Industries were among the panel of speakers and about 75 students, Research Scholars and faculty members participated in the conclave. Professor Ravinder Kumar, Head of the Department, inaugurated the event where he emphasized on the need of making business sustainable. Dr. Naseeb Ahmad, Advisor, Subject Association, in his opening remarks, talked about Mahatma Gandhi’s view on sustainability. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”, he quoted Mahatma Gandhi as saying. He deliberated the challenges and manmade disasters ranging from Amazon forest fire and Delhi’s present climatic condition and urged the corporate sector to work to tackle these issues which are essential for entrepreneurship and sustainable business.

His Excellency Dr Christopher Nwanoro said that determination, drive to succeed if blended well with factors like education, persuasiveness, diligence and resilience can provide an effective and sustainable entrepreneur. He said that disability should not be considered as a demotivating factor rather it is a motivating factor for individuals to make the society inclusive. Professor B. Bhattacharyya talked about how Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship is the way forward in the times to come. He shared his experiences on how Africa and India can work together in terms of Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Ezeugo Nnamdi, an African Entrepreneur, focused on how Africa and India partnership can be a step towards scaling businesses to new heights and making them sustainable. He urged youth from India to visit Africa, to understand the business scenario that exists there.

Mr. Ojas Wadhwa, an eminent personality in the field of family managed business discussed about the challenges that he faced as a Business Manager at Fine Chemicals, Ojas Industries.