Jamia Students crack IIT Entrance Test

It is a matter of great pride and pleasure for Jamia Millia Islamia that eight of its students from Jamia Senior Secondary School have cracked the IIT Entrance Test, 2011-12. Their names are as follows:

1)         Abdullah Hasan – Rank 80
2)         Mohd. Zubair Khan – Rank 153
3)         Faizan Ayubi – Rank 261
4)         Md. Akhtar – 621
5)         Faizy Rahman
6)         Haris Ansar Khan
7)         Meraj Ahmad
8)         Mohammad Adnan

The results of Jamia Senior. Secondary School Board Examinations-2012 have also been declared and the details of the toppers are given below:

S. No.  Name of the Candidate            Class                   % of marks            Rank
1.         Mr. Ayush Sharma              XII Science                        94.2                 Topper
2.         Mr. Meraj Ahmad               XII Science                         93.4                 Third Topper
3.         Ms. Saani Shakeel               XII (Arts)                         88.80                Second Topper
4.         Ms. Marjan Usmani               XII (Arts)                        88.60                Third Topper
5.         Ms. Darakshan Anwar  XII (Commerce)                       89.8                  Third Topper

Jamia Millia Islamia congratulates all the above candidates and wishes them the very best in all their future endeavours.