Jammu & Kashmir Govt. reclaims land in Amritsar after 50 years

Jammu: The J&K government has wrested the control of a prized piece of land in Punjab’s Amritsar city which was under illegal occupation for nearly 50 years.
The Resident Commission of Jammu & Kashmir Government took over the possession of 20 Kanals of Land, situated at Daim Gunj, Dhapai Road, Amritsar on February 10, 2020.
The land comprising falling under Khasra Nos: 756 ; 761 ; 780 ; 781 ; 782 & 792, had been under Illegal Occupation since 1964.
A decree in the case was instituted in 2006 by Jammu and Kashmir government but the Execution Petition was initiated in 2017 only which was fast-tracked and followed vigorously during the last one and a half years.
A chunk of land comprising 32 Kanals, situated at Daim Gunj, Dhapaie Road Amritsar and belonging to then the Government of Jammu & Kashmir had been leased out to three different parties for a period of five years, prior to 1964.
The lease was not renewed and the occupants and their descendants continued the possession illegally.
During the last two years, the matter has been taken up on a fast track basis with the High Court and the Lower Court for retrieval of the land.
An application under Section 151 CPC had been filed on behalf of Jammu & Kashmir government before the Lower Court for getting the Warrants of Possession.
The application was decided in favor of J&K Government on 13/12/2019.
With the present action, under Court Orders, on 10th of February, 2020, one chunk of 20 Kanals has been retrieved.
Under the instructions of Principal Resident Commissioner, J&K Government, Dheeraj Gupta, the land was taken over under the supervision of Neeraj Kumar- Additional Resident Commissioner along with Dr. Inderjot Singh, Resident Representative, Chandigarh and Liaison Officer of Court Cases, Government of Jammu & Kashmir and Preeti Sharma, Manager of J&K Properties at Amritsar.
The process for retrieving the remaining 15 Kanals is also under adjudication and shall get settled soon.

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