Japan’s Ise-Egg Collaborates with DENSO on Digitalized Reefer Truck Test Operation in NCR and Punjab

Noida : Ise-Suzuki Egg India, Ise Foods Inc.’s Indian JV affiliate announced that it will begin field testing a delivering service of fresh eggs using digitalized refrigerated trucks with DENSO International India, Japan’s leading mobility supplier. In this field test, eggs of the Japan’s largest and the world’s 5th largest egg producer, Ise Foods Inc., (aka. Ise Egg), which will be available in Indian market from May 2022, will be delivered. Ise-Suzuki Egg India and DENSO aim to build a cold chain logistics network with Ise eggs, produced indigenously in Punjab with Japanese standard of technology and know-how to produce fresh, hygienic, and nutritious eggs.


During the field test, the two companies will use Maruti Suzuki India Limited’s Super Carry cargo vehicle equipped with DENSO’s reefer unit. This CNG reefer truck can transport perishables with the temperature ranging from –20 to +20 degrees Celsius while capturing multiple data during egg delivery, such as inside cargo temperature, humidity, luminous and shock. Ise-Suzuki Egg India and DENSO will analyze these operational data captured during delivery, identify issues, and improve optimized supply chain to realize safe and secure food delivery.


During the test operation, the reefer trucks will deliver high quality and fresh Ise-eggs in Gurgaon, Haryana and Chandigarh Tri-city areas.


“We are going to introduce cold chain transportation for our eggs in the Indian ecosystem. Therefore, this field testing with DENSO will provide us tremendous opportunity to advance our temperature-controlled delivery to keep our eggs farm fresh. Further, we could contribute to the delivery of safe, and secure eggs managed well throughout production, collection and distribution,” says Mitsuko Takahashi, Chief Operating Officer at Ise-Suzuki Egg India.


Ise Foods Inc. has formed a joint venture with Suzuki Motor Corporation, a parent company of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, since 2019. “I believe these all-Japan joint efforts will favorably impact on India’s cold chain in the future and ultimately attribute to reduction of India’s foods waste. Our mission is to deliver fresh, healthy, and safe eggs and Ise processed foods to Indian people. 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of India-Japan diplomatic relationship. We take immense pride to initiate our launch in the country this year by introducing Indians with Ise eggs made with the best Japanese technology.” says Mitsuko Takahashi.


Ise eggs, which will be delivered in the field testing, are machine washed and packed in a Japan standard hygienic factory making it the first such quality eggs ever produced in India. Therefore, the eggs are hygienic, very fresh and are made with Ise standard feed formula to be highly nutritious.

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