Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre organized an interactive workshop on Sex Education, Peer Pressure and Stress Management for students of Wilson College

Mumbai: Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre organized an interactive workshop for students of Wilson College and shed light on aspects like stress management, peer pressure and sex education and how can youngsters deal with them.

Jaslok Hospital understands the specific health needs of young girls and boys during their adolescence. Hence, they offer a very unique centre in the city called Lighthouse. It is a dedicated adolescent Centre, which provides help and consultation to young adults in need with relation to a friendly, warm and trusting environment.

Stress management, peer pressure and sex education in India are some of the major topics that even today attracts a few disapproving glances from grown-ups. Sex education is a comprehensive process of providing information and helping young individuals gain understanding about sexual intimacy, relationships, etc. Stress managements are mainly a wide spectrum of techniques aimed at controlling a person’s level of stress. These issues should be discussed in details with an adult. It helps the children to develop thoughtfulness about consent, importance of making informed choices and being confident about them. With the developing minds of the people, there are still many places where this topic isn’t even discussed.

DrRohanSequeira, Consultant, General Medicine, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre

says, “Sex education plays an important roleespecially during the formative years of youngsters. There are often discrepancies between what young boys learn in a sex education class and what they may encounter in the real world. These are harmless details, such as the existence of the male g-spot, or prostate gland located between the bladder and the rectum. Men are more likely to use the condoms incorrectly, and practice behaviors such as putting on the condom quite late and not leaving enough air gap at the tip.”

Dr Sudeshna Ray, Consultant & Co-ordinator, Obstetrics, and Gynaecology at Jaslok Hospital, said, “Educating adolescence on these topics is very important. More so now, given exposure that these young people get from the internet and other media. However, their knowledge is limited and sometimes faulty. Young women should know the effect of their lifestyle (nutrition, sleeping pattern, eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and sexual exposure) on their current and future health. Parent and adolescent should try and connect more openly so that they get their right guidance when they need it. Lighthouse tries to give guidance to these young women by a team of professional who are experts in dealing with adolescent’s concern specifically.”

Ritika S. Aggarwal, Consultant Psychologist, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre added by saying, “Stress management & Peer Pressure are also extremely important. Students today undergo a lot of stress in regards to exams, career, relationships, peer pressure, etc. Today, around 89% of people in India suffer from stress, out of which the majority are students. Some students may harm themselves, get addicted, and in some cases, they may also commit suicide. It’s important for students to learn to manage their stress effectively.”

The session also highlighted about a detailed discussion on ways to protect your skin and hair by DrBananiChoudhary, Consultant Dermatologist at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre and mentioned about smoking and its effects on one’s skin.

Lighthouse respects the confidentiality and privacy of the young patients and ensures that young people are safe and connected to the right concerned authority, resources and services they need.