Jayesh Ranajan to inaugurate 2 Day Conference organised as part of the week long Indo Data Week

Hyderabad:India is among the top two countries globally on many key dimension of digital adoption. India is number 1 globally by enrolling 1.2 billion people in the world’s largest unique digital identity program Aadhar said Siddhant Agarwal, Google Developer Relations while speaking in the Startup Master class on ‘Building for the new billion users’.

The Master Class was organised on the day 2 of the ongoing week long 2nd edition of Indo Data Week organised by DAV Data Solutions from Hyderabad.

Speaking further he added India is number two globally behind China, in terms of 12.3 billion App downloads in 2018, 1.17 billion wireless phone subscribers, 560m internet subscribers, 354 million smartphone devices and 294 million users engaged in social media.

By the year 2025, digital could transform India’s economy —Financial Services by 170 x with a growth potential of $ 170 billion, Job and skills 70x — with a growth potential of $ 70bn, Agriculture 70x—70bn; Education 50x — 50bn; Logistics 30x—$ 30bn and Retail 11.7x —& 35 bn, he pointed out.

He spoke about what is required to reach the next billion internet users? With a half billion active users, Indian Internet is more rural, local, mobile-first than ever.

Accessing internet is key. So the product developers must keep this in mind and optimise their product for entry-level devices. Aarogya Sethu, the contact tracing app did some remarkable job by reaching out to those who did not have smart phone, said Siddhanth.

The second big issue is Data. Companies building products for the new billion users must come out with innovative solutions for data conscious users.

Siddhanth gave an example of how Vodafone-Idea Phone line with the Google Assistant helped people without data and internet connection with information. Companies must explore new ways to support connectivity.

He spoke about Facebook Discover which helped people browse the internet for free with the help of their partners.


Around the world, many internet users remain under-connected, regularly dropping off the internet when they run out of data. Discover is designed to help bridge these gaps, keeping people connected more consistently until they can purchase data again, he shared


He spoke about identity, accessing internet, voice and other related issues, tackling vernacular users and their issues how the Google Assistant has become more helpful in ordering food hands free and getting things done with the power of voice. He concluded that the time to build for next billion users is now


The master class was held aiming at startup’s, mentors, investors, accelerators/incubators and their representatives.


The day long session was also addressed by Pratap Raju of Climate Collective on communicating startup or offerings , technical solutions better.


Deva P. Seetharam, Startup advisor spoke on managing risks in their entrepreneurial journey. Jonathan Talbot from World Startup also spoke


Later in the day, a Quiz program was conducted for school kids on Sustainable Development Goals.


Jayesh Ranjan is to inaugurate a 2 day conference as part of this week-long event.


Parvathy Krishnan informed that the two day conference will feature keynotes and panel discussions by delegates from governmental and public sector organisations such as World Bank, Pulse Lab Jakarta, Emerging Technologies Wing — Government of Telangana, National Health Authority — Government of India, startups and innovation hubs, Impact Scientist, Knowledge Exchange Innovation Center Thailand, FluxGen Technologies, IroIro, and Khetee. There will also be speakers from research and academia such as Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad, and Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. Industry will also be well-represeted with speakers from Microsoft Research India, OMRON Asia Pacific, Burnmark, APAC Prysm Group, and EnexisGroep.


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