JD Institute of Fashion Technology organizes Fresher’s Day

New Delhi: JD Institute of Fashion Technology, one of India’s leading fashion and design education institutes, hosted a Freshers’ party for the 2019-2021 batch. Students wore cosplay costumes in vibrant and vivacious colours inspired by their favorite characters from well-known Hollywood series.

Students performed dances, sang and played music, and participated in a ramp walk. They were judged by celebrity coach Ms. Rita Gangawani, on the basis of their gait, dressing sense and presentation, and the best were chosen Mr. and Miss Fresher for the year. The party was a hit with the new students and culminated with a grand jam session which had them dancing to Bollywood songs.

On the occasion, Ms. Akshra Dalal, Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, said, “We are pleased to welcome our new batch of students to the JD family. Each batch brings unique energy. I wish them all the very best for their endeavors, and I am sure they will have an exciting journey ahead.”

Commenting on the eve of Foundation Day, Ms. Rupal Dalal, Executive Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, said, “This has been a remarkable year for JD Institute in terms of achieving our goals in the design industry. We are happy to celebrate our Foundation Day as well as Freshers’ Day together. I am looking forward to seeing the students set new milestones in the design industry with their creations and making Jediiians proud.”