Jd Institute Of Fashion Technology Tops the list Of The Best Fashion Designing Institutions/Colleges in India

In a country that constantly breeds unmitigated talent in the realm of fashion, it is not surprising that it is home to some of the most prestigious fashion institutions.

While innate talent is pertinent, it is the honing and shaping of skills that lets true talent emerge. To be a successful fashion designer requires deep comprehension of aesthetics, symmetry, and hues while being in tune with the dynamic mechanism of trends and their applications.

Being a great fashion designer pertains to enveloping your susceptivity in the kaleidoscope of style while nurturing your individuality and confidence. Here is the list of the best Fashion Designing Institutions/Colleges In India


  1. JD Institute of Fashion Technology


For the past 30 years, the JD Institute of Fashion Technology has nurtured a myriad of students, fostering an environment of professionalism by offering state-of-art facilities with the unmatched expertise of the faculty. The institute focuses on developing Indian design education to a level that meets international standards by rearing each student with a deep focus on individuality. At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, creative insight is strongly encouraged, emboldening the students to tackle the fashion industry as true visionaries, completely relinquishing the ‘One size fits all’ manner of teaching.

Founded in 1998, the institute has established its prominence in the fashion education arena by offering an unbridled focus on individual creativity, employing innovative methodology, and remodeling traditional educational techniques. By cultivating an environment where there is an open dialogue in change-making, the university opens up avenues for students to excel with their distinctiveness, allowing them the confidence to embody the spirit of true sustainability and success. JD Institute was awarded the best fashion and Interior Design Institute In India at the Indian Education Award organized by blindwink


2. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi (NIFT Delhi):


Formed by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, and in collaboration with the FIT, New York, The National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi is widely known for its fashion designing courses. This prestigious institution has seen a plethora of design mavens as its alumni such as Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, and Ritu Beri.

Arguably one of the most recognised names in the fashion education sector, NIFT offers an array of CE and regular programs. It is known for housing the most bounteous resource centre, hosting an assortment of both print and non-print textiles.


3         Pearl Academy, Delhi

Formerly known as the Pearl Academy of Fashion, the Pearl Academy Delhi is a privatized educational institute offering courses in fashion design and business at the postgraduate, undergraduate, and diploma level.

Having received many accolades, the establishment has been regarded as one of the best design institutes in India. The institute was established in 1993 and is recognised for its expert rearing of its alumni for the fashion industry.

The institute is in collaboration with many international universities such as the Nottingham Trend University in the UK, as well as the University of Derby in Manchester.

The Pearl Academy focuses on the employability and individuality of the students by honing in on not only intrinsic talent, but entrepreneurial abilities as well. The students are well adapted to conquer every tribulation that the fashion industry presents to them.


4. Symbiosis Institute of design 


The 80,000 sq ft campus was established in 2006. The institution is home to state-of-the-art workshops, libraries, art design studios, and a rapid prototyping lab. it also boasts of well-equipped classrooms and vast exhibition areas. The campus is home to an amphitheatre and an academic plaza that hosts numerous activities including fashion shows. The campus is also entirely Wifi enabled. The institute is also home to a solid advisory board, that imparts wisdom and offers advice to the students enabling them to smoothly transition into professionals.

The Symbiosis Institute of Design offers an all-encompassing educational experience, capturing every aspect of design and its possible applications. Many graduates have been hired in prestigious firms across the country.

5         The Amity Institute of Fashion Technology

The Amity Institute of Fashion Technology advocates diversity and versatility in the realm of design, offering courses in not only apparel conception but the technical and management aspect of fashion as well. This institute aims to nurture its students with a multi-faceted educational model by enriching them to work as successful professionals in the industry of fashion and apparel; not only across the nation but across the globe as well. In the year 2020, the institute was granted the 11th position on the list of the Top Fashion Design Institutes in India by India Today.

6         The Vogue institute of Art and Design

Founded in the year 1996, the Vogue Institute of Art and Design plays a distinctive role in linking young talent with the flourishing fashion industry. It boasts of uniqueness in the sea of fashion designing colleges by offering rigorous foundational training in practical and technical skills. At the Vogue Institute of Fashion Design, students are trained to be well equipped in every corner of the fashion arena, be it couture or mass production. The university strives to nurture individualistic talent by helping students acquire specific skill-sets designed to help each individual thrive gloriously in the fashion industry.

Inherent talent often requires a nurturing pathway that leads to success. These prestigious universities have distinctive styles in rearing future fashion designers, allowing them to shine in a coliseum of competitive artists by honing in on their skills and cultivating them through unmatched expertise and encouragement.

In a cutthroat industry that constantly breeds a multitude of artists, these establishments foster an environment of success, equipping students with gladiatorial abilities to triumph in a competitive arena.


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