JECRC Student’s App converting Written Documents to Audiobooks

- Incubated in JECRC Incubation Centre, the app is downloaded by 164 Countries

New Delhi: Dewang Bharadwaj, a Jaipur Engineering College and Research Campus (JECRC) student, launched an application and website that converts written documents or images to audiobooks in more than 30 languages. The app currently helps over 18,000 people from 164 countries cut through the language barrier and listen to the documents/files in their native languages.
The DocTunes app helps a user convert lengthy written documents into audio files so that one can listen to them on the move. The conversion can be done in 32 different languages – six Indian and the remaining global.
The application has a 98% accuracy rate while converting any file, says Bharadwaj. “The idea was to help people have access to information without worrying about any language barrier. The app also has a human-like voice to add a more personal touch to the audiobooks. The user can even select the pitch, voice and tempo of the book/file,” said Bharadwaj.
The motivation behind having started making the app/website stemmed from Bharadwaj’s limitations and thorough understanding of the English language while sifting through his syllabus. “The epiphany hit me and I thought we can do something to address this issue. A few months later, DocTunes was born.”
The startup, incubated in JECRC Incubation Centre (JIC), launched a few months back and is available on Google Play Store and App Store. As of now, the app has more than 18,000 downloads from over a 164 countries and has successfully converted over 150 million characters. The app has already converted more than 32,000 files and over 35,000 images into audio files.
“This is a wonderful achievement for Bharadwaj and India since users from various countries trust the app with their work. This goes to show the tremendous progress of our country. JECRC always encourages innovation and creativity in our campus and students like Bharadwaj showcased just that,” said Arpit Agarwal, Director, JECRC Foundation.