Jefferson Lab: Jefferson Lab Keeps It Green

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has recently been recognized by DOE for its commitment to environmental excellence in procurement. The lab has earned a Gold level GreenBuy Award for fiscal year 2020.

All Federal agencies are required to purchase products that are energy efficient, water efficient, and made from biobased or recycled content material. DOE has compiled a list of products that meet these requirements. Jefferson Lab earned its GreenBuy Award by purchasing 12 of these Priority Products in 5 different categories.

GreenBuy Awards may only be achieved with continuous improvement. The purchase goals for each level increase each year, making the recognition increasingly difficult to achieve.

This is the lab’s fourth appearance on the GreenBuy Awards list, a distinction which has also earned the laboratory a GreenBuy Prime Award. Prime awards are reserved for facilities that have achieved gold status for at least three years.

At Jefferson Lab, Procurement Officer Barbara Rice led the GreenBuy effort by engaging lab staff and vendors in purchase decisions. Doing so ensured the maximum number of products purchased met the environmental standards.

“The lab’s continued success in this area is unquestionably in great part to Barbara’s commitment to excellence,” says Andy Ramirez, Infrastructure Services Group manager and Rice’s supervisor.

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