Jetking Wins the Prestigious Bob Pike’s Peak Award for Outstanding Performance

Mumbai: Jetking Infotrain Ltd., India’s Leading Computer Networking Institute, has been awarded the coveted Bob Pike’s Peak Award for its unique training methodology and its effectiveness. The Bob Pike Group is the industry-leading firm to train the trainers and design more engaging and effective professional training programs. This award recognizes learning leaders and/or their organization for implementing Participant-Centered training that positively impacts performance. Emerging as a winner amongst 100 participants from all over the world, Jetking has been honoured with this title for its unique Smart Lab Plus training technique, an innovative instructor-led participant-centred teaching methodology.

The Smart Lab Plus (SLP version 1) uses various tools such as flip class room, mind map, group work, TPS- Think-Pair-Share, brain storming, role play, case studies and scenarios, gifts and presentations to tackle various issues such as low attendance, low retention rates and a challenge in attaining placements. The sessions start with re-call(5 min.), meditation (5 min.) and three random presentations (10 min), followed by a question and answer method, that encourages most of the responses from students. Regular quizzes and other innovative activities are also conducted in between the sessions to understand how much of the content has been retained and internalised. At the end of each session, students are asked to draw out a mind map, as a re-visit tool.

Commenting on the achievement, Siddarth Bharwani, VP – Brands & Marketing, Jetking said, “The award comes as a huge motivation for us at Jetking, as it reaffirms our efforts and encourages us to continue on the path to creating a better learning experience. The Smart Lab Plus teaching methodology has already made a major impact, and we have seen positive changes like higher attendance rates, improved placements and an increased passing percentage since its implementation. Our entire teaching methodology is based on one principle: We firmly believe you learn better when you enjoy it.”

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