Jhajjarkotli-Udhampur Transmission Line being charged on July 6

Jammu: It is for information of all concerned that 132 KV S/C Jhajjarkotli-Udhampur Transmission Line up to under construction MES Grid Station Chak near Chopra Shop (Udhampur) is being charged on July 6 -2020 for giving power supply to under construction 2×20 MVA, 132/33 KV Army Grid Station.
The line passes through the villages Panjal, Jajjharkotli, Salora, Tikri, Mand, Phalata, Jib Morh, Bikan Gala, Garhi Patyal, Golf Subroon. Since this line remained un-charged for the last 16 years, the public of above said areas are advised not to come in contact with the transmission line and transmission towers of this line to avoid any mishap as a result of line charging on very high voltage (132KV).

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