Jindal Public School is to Lead the Next Paradigm Shift in the Field of Education

As school leaders look for ways to minimize the disruption to children’s learning and try to avoid extending the school year through the summer teachers at thousands of schools all across the country are scrambling for ways to teach children who are holed up at home. There is a lockdown across the country due to the corona epidemic, which affects the functioning of every class. The Indian education system is also completely stalled due to the lockdown. We have been talking about virtual classrooms and various online tools today allow us to make the engagement between the teacher and students as close to a real, classroom-type experience, as possible. Going forward, these tools can also make the teachers and parent meetings as well as staff/management meetings more time and cost-saving while providing the necessary interactivity. Online education, a result of the digital world has brought a lot to the learning table at all levels of education, beginning from preschool up to higher-level institutions. The move to remote learning has been enabled by several online tech stacks such as Google Classroom, Blackboard, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, all of which play an important role in this transformation. With the development of education, online video-based micro-courses, e-books, simulations, models, graphics, animations, quizzes, games, and e-notes are making learning more accessible, engaging, and contextualized.

Due to the closure of the schools, the students of the school are facing many problems, due to the closure of the schools for almost a month, the education of children can be affected. Jindal Public School complies with every rule of lockdown and in keeping with the advisory of the Delhi Government, has arranged online classes for students, so that no child’s education is affected. We also had an online parent meeting in which we made the parents aware of the corona epidemic, in the online meeting we also asked the parents of the children for advice on how to improve on the online classes. We strongly believe that Jindal Public School is the first one among the Delhi schools to take this initiative and is conducting Parent teachers Meeting online. This step is very likely to Yield out Productive Results. The lockdown has accelerated adoption of digital technology

Along with this, there is a type of system available for the children, So that students have no problem in studying. Children can take online classes or ask questions directly by calling the teacher. Parents can communicate directly with the teacher if there is any problem or if there is a problem with the children to know about the progress of the children. Jindal Public School is ready to do everything possible for the children. For the convenience of the students, every information is being shared with them, along with it all the information is available online. So that there is no problem in the understanding of the lessons and it’s easy for the children while transparency is maintained.

In addition, the school has shared a list of parents and children. Which has the number of teachers of all subjects. At all ties, the Children can contact the teachers, the management believes that this will lead to productive results as in the past many Schools have always considered educational apps or digital learning as a supplementary tool and may have had difficulty in mainstreaming it, mostly due to not having fully understood its efficacy. We are proud to announce that finally Jindal Public School Dwarka has adapted to the change and is efficiently giving out results via online line education system.