Jindal Public School Participated in Fit India School Week 2020

New Delhi: Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi launched “Fit India Movement” on 29th August 2019 which aimed to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their day to day lives. As we all know that school is the first place where habits are formed. Schools and teachers motivate students to do better in life. If a person is physically fit and healthy, his/her self-esteem and confidence will boost like anything. Keeping these factors in mind, Fit India School Week was also launched in 2019. This took place virtually in December.

Fit India School Week consists of various physical fitness activities like yoga, rope skipping, free hand exercises, fitness assessment, sports quiz etc. Students of Jindal Public School, Dwarka shared pictures and videos of performing Yoga, Free Hand Exercises etc. Physical fitness and activeness are must in order to excel in academics. If a student is feeling fit from inside, he/she will make extra efforts in studies as well.


Sh. Uttam Singh, Principal, Jindal Public School, Dwarka heartily congratulates the students for participating with all zest and zeal, he says,“For us, at Jindal Public School, mental and physical fitness are as important as academics. Just like students need good marks to showcase their capability and skills, they equally need to lead a healthy lifestyle for physical and mental fitness. We believe that if a person is at peace with his/her mind and physically fit, he/she will automatically perform better academically. Having a fit body not only makes you physically pleasing but you will eventually feel better from inside”. India, a country with the largest child population in the world should get more enrolled in such fitness activities and campaigns.