Jiva Ayurveda to offer free consultation across India during the Jiva Health Week – December 12 to 22

Hyderabad: With the aim of extending the benefit of 27 years of treatment experience to people across India, Jiva Ayurveda, one of the world’s leading Ayurveda treatment institutions is organizing a nation-wide free health consultation drive that is expected to benefit more than 50,000 people. Last year, 62,000 people consulted Ayurveda doctors in 80+ Jiva Ayurveda Clinics and received personalized treatment along with herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle planners.

The drive will particularly benefit people with respiratory and joint health disorders which spikes during winter. India has a disproportionately high burden of respiratory problems that can be attributed to the severe air pollution and tobacco use. OTC inhalers, nebulizers and pain killers provide superficial relief, while the root-cause remains untreated. Ayurveda works at the root-cause and provides long term relief. 141,195 cases of respiratory problems and 292,234 cases of joint disorders have been successfully consulted by Jiva doctors, and the organization believes that the 10-day Jiva Health Week will empower more people to receive authentic Ayurveda treatments for their health ailments.