J&K Film Policy to create employment opportunities for local talent in film making

Jammu: With a view to promote film tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, the UT Government is in the process of finalizing J&K Film Policy. The Policy will showcase the splendid locales of J&K besides assisting the film makers who intend to shoot their films here to scout for locations, local talent and facilities, besides obtaining the required clearances.

The Policy lays thrust on harnessing the local talent in the field of movie making in J&K and creation of employment opportunities for the youth in the field. For this a complete database of the available local talent in J&K is being prepared for hosting on the website for enabling the film makers interested in shooting their film in the UT to utilize their services. Since every film production is the meeting place for creative artists in the field of dance, film fashion, acting, choreography and advertisement, it will open new avenues of employment for the youth of J&K. Besides, there is also a requirement of people adept in cinematic tools like camera, editing, sound recording, set designing, lighting etc.

To register themselves, local talent of J&K working in the field of movie making can fill in their details by or before 10, July 2021, by going on the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfd1I2O6iJ6k5QCE1e3Ga4MegyWM7Yxl3Oss43fdkF_9kr29w/viewform