JK Govt to procure 358 items exclusively from Micro & Small enterprises

Jammu: The government of Jammu & Kashmir has directed its departments, PSUs and other aided institutions to procure certain goods and services produced and provided by micro and small enterprises (MSMEs). The list of goods earmarked by the government contains 358 goods.
The move of LG administration is aimed at to boost the economic activities of small entrepreneurs.
In its instructions circulated today by the Finance department, the government has directed all the Administrative Secretaries and Heads of Departments to strictly adhere to the guidelines. It has also asked them to direct all the line departments to comply with the instruction.
Some of the industrial, handloom or handicraft items included in the list of 358 goods are Automobile head lights, Bags, Boots and Shoes, buckets, sandals and chappals, Coir items, diesel engines up to 15 H.P, domestic electric appliances, enamel and glass wares, garments, hand pumps, lockers, lubricators, plaster of paris, quilts/razais, razors, RCC pipes and poles, sanitary fittings, steel Almirahas, taps, tiles, transistor radios (up to 3 band), tyres and tubes (bicycles), utensils, water tanks (up to 15000 litres), Jute furniture and woollen and silk carpe items.
The step has been taken in line with the public procurement policy notified by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in respect of goods and services produced and provided by Micro & Small Enterprises. The policy envisages procurement of minimum 20% of overall procurement of goods and services by government institutions from these small time entrepreneurs.
The policy also envisages making it mandatory from April 2023 to purchase 20% of goods provided or services rendered by MSMEs by all the government agencies or those aided by it. The move is aimed at providing much relief to these enterprises as 20% of government purchases would infuse a greater vigour into the economic advancement of these enterprises.
The policy has also something to cheer for backward sections of society as it has earmarked 4% out of this 20% procurement quota to be made from SC or ST entrepreneurs. By and large, the policy aims at uplifting the small time entrepreneurs in a big way by bringing about a phenomenal change in the fortunes of these entrepreneurs.