JK Lakshmipat University launches 3 new progressive 21st-century programmes for aspiring students of higher education


Jaipur: JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU), supported by the 125-year-old legacy of the JK Group announced three new, progressive 21st-century programmes for aspiring students of higher education.

In an attempt to introduce multi-disciplinary education and bring innovation to the educational landscape for talented students, JKLU has introduced postgraduate diploma courses in Research and Analysis and Data Analytics along with a BBA course in Banking and Financial Services. The programmes are part of the specialized courses and will be delivered under the mentorship of world-class faculty at JKLU.

The PGD in Research and Analysis will fall under the LSEF Scholarship program which is meant for students with 3 years of graduation in liberal arts degree and will also be considered relevant against 4th year for pursuing higher education in the US or UK. PGD in Data Analytics has been introduced for students with a 3-year graduate degree in B.Sc/BCA/B.Com. or others with Maths as the base subject. BBA in Banking and Financial Services has been introduced in partnership with Fincare Small Finance Bank and is focused on loan/financial, insurance, and banking services. Under the BBA degree, the students will be offered a 6-8-month internship commitment in the sector and preference for Jobs in Insurance and Financial services companies.

All the programmes have been meticulously designed to strengthen talented students and provide exposure to international standards of education with the help of renowned academics and industry experts from around the world. The industry faculty not only prepares to pursue top Master’s programs across the globe but also complete the 12+4 requirement to be eligible for Masters in the USA.

JK Lakshmipat University has observed a 100% growth in the number of companies visiting the campus every year. These companies include not only traditional favourites like IBM, TCS, Infosys, JK Group of Companies but also new-age start-ups and companies in exciting areas like robotics, AI, deep learning, analytics, and leading companies in other sectors like Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and S&P.

Dr. R.L Raina, Vice-Chancellor at JKLU added, “We are now entering an unprecedented era of higher education that will challenge the way we perceive and conduct education. The educational landscape is already started witnessing a paradigm shift across the globe with the influx of digitization and requires students to have an extra edge to be placement ready. We have identified industry-relevant skills and domains that fit best with the hiring standards present in the country. Hence, we have introduced 3 new programmes that offer the best pedagogical experience from universities across the world for our students which they can learn, experience, and experiment at JKLU.”

As a corporate university, JKLU believes in the need to build future talent that can become the driver of economic growth for the country. While most universities continue to focus on quality education, JKLU has taken a conscious decision to not just invest in ensuring quality education but specialized courses, teaching methods, and learning outcomes that prepare the students for the future. This can also be seen with the kind of faculty, international affiliations, and industry partnerships that the university has developed.

About JK Lakshmipat University: Established in 2011, JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) is located in the historic city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Supported by the 125 years old legacy of contributions to nation-building by the JK Group, at JKLU we are passionate about building the country’s most innovative higher education institution. The 30-acre campus is a modern, environmentally conscious, and inviting space designed to help students live, work, and play in a setting that is safe, productive, and student-centric. JKLU is reimagining education, embedding it with entrepreneurship and dynamism, and seeding it with curiosity and technology. The rigorous pedagogy, committed faculty body and stellar Academic Advisory Board ensure that our curriculum, teaching methods, and learning outcomes are preparing our students for the future.

Dr. Roshan Lal Raina, Former Dean of IIM Lucknow, is Vice-Chancellor at JKLU while Prof. Asheesh Gupta, Former Director of McKinsey Knowledge Centres and Pro VC of OP Jindal University, is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor.

Schools: Institute of Design | Institute of Engineering & Technology | Institute of Management

Courses offered: B. Des | B. Tech | BBA | Pinnacle MBA | M. Tech | M. Sc | M.A | PhD

For further information on JKLU, please visit www.jklu.edu.in