JK Lakshmipat University Presents SABRANG: National Tech-Management Fest

New Delhi: Experiential Learning pioneer, JK Lakshmipat University, experienced its 9th edition of National Tech-Management Fest Sabrang.

The three-day fest inspired the exuberance of colors within a student’s personality, this ceremony brought out the values of uniformity, creativity, and potential in the pupils through various technical, cultural, design, and management events. With a participation of 900 participants from 60 colleges around the country who participated in different tech design management and cultural events.

The event was inaugurated with an opening speech by honorable vice-chancellor Dr. R.L. Raina followed by different cultural performances by the students of JKLU. A brief introduction of coming events by core coordinators followed by a cultural event DJ war and concluded with a DJ Night by DJ Ravittor and 9XM.

The second day majorly experienced Band Jam and a mind-blasting night by Sitar metals. The night ended with great success and the participants enjoyed the event at the end.

Day three started with various tech management and design events and cultural events like TalentX- the talent hunt which was powered in association with AGASTYA- a name which gives a platform to the talents of various places to come and showcase what they have got, the participants showcased their talents in the form of poetry, stand-up comedy and other acts. Coming up next was Page2Stage- the Drama Competition where the brilliant actors came up as a team and gave various drama performances on various themes like End of negativity, Female harassment, etc.The next event in the queue was Singing Palooza- The singing competition ended up high on tunes and in a melodious way. BeatsNsteps – dance competition which comprised of both Solo & Group Dance events, the event forced everyone to rock in the flow in the fellow Dancers i.e. our amazing and talented participants.

The last event of the night was Vogue Gala – fashion walk challenge in which participants from various colleges dressed up according to various themes including the horror theme, zodiac sign themes, etc the night concluded with prize distribution of different events by Vice-chancellor of the University and DJ night by Ravindra Singh and 9XM under the Bharat Bass Festival. The final day was a great success and that was simply clear from all the energized faces that came there to attend the event that SABRANG 2K19 proved to be a great source of refreshment, enjoyment, and learning for all.