JKBS extends a hearty welcome to PGDM Batch 2020-22

New Delhi : Ensuring students don’t miss out on the campus life in the new academic year, JK Business School (JKBS) kicked off their Foundation Program 2020 via Google Meet from 1st July onwards as a part of their online orientation program. While the world is engaged in doing everything online, JKBS added a bit of tangibility to the affair through an on-campus walkthrough by the JKBS team led by Prof (Dr) Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School.

The Foundation Program 2020 started off with a welcome message by Prof (Dr) Sanjiv Marwah where he extended a warm welcome to all the new students by wishing them luck for their new journey on the behalf of JKBS Family. As a part of the welcome speech Prof (Dr), Sanjiv Marwah emphasized on “How technology is nothing less than a blessing in this time of COVID-19 and how apps like Google classrooms, G-suite, WhatsApp, etc playing a vital role in keeping the learning afloat in a fruitful manner.” After the welcome address and introduction of the faculty, Brig. (Dr.) Ajay Mehta, Registrar, JK Business School gave a tour of the whole campus in order to acclimatize new students into the campus structure and give them a peek into their upcoming academic journey. The Foundation Program 2020 concluded with a special session by Prof. Hitesh Manocha (an IIM alumnus and Faculty at JKBS) on how to be a smart manager. During these sessions, the students were given an introduction to college life, the learning outcomes, curriculum, and some common predispositions about college life were also addressed. They even had an opportunity to connect with fellow batchmates. The student introduction session was led by Prof. Supriya Sehgal, Registrar, JK Business School; she also helped the students break the ice by organizing various management games that the students enjoyed thoroughly. Students participated in the program with high energies and also cleared their queries, no matter big or small regarding the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and dorm-life.

The new incoming batches at JKBS undergo BUNIYAD, a two-part program i.e. Pre-Foundation and Foundation Program. The Pre-Foundation Program is a 50-day online program delivered through Google Classroom that aims to strengthen the base of the students of the upcoming batch before they start their PGDM on-campus. This program helps students to cover the basics of business management in Accountancy, Statistics, Economics, Economic Environment, and also some basic computing skills. It also focuses on interpersonal skill enrichment by skill and personality development sessions. The broader aim of BUNIYAAD is to bring together students from diverse backgrounds on a common platform of knowledge and help them understand management concepts, through articles, case studies, videos, and e-books. Whereas Foundation program consists of Disruption-Free Classes, Webinars, and E-talks on various concepts of Functional Areas of Management, Introduction to Analytical Domains, Team Building and communication, and Managerial Perspective. These sessions are conducted by qualified and experienced JKBS faculty, Industry Leaders, Philanthropists, Motivational Speakers, and Technology Front-runners. These help the students stay abreast of current industry trends.

Prof (Dr) Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School on the occasion said, “The Foundation Program plays a significant role in a student’s transition to college life. In these prevalent times of COVID-19, the whole world is going through a tough time and it is our foremost duty to keep our students safe without compromising with the learning. The Pre-Foundation and Foundation Programs aim at familiarizing the students to the campus life, the study environment, our faculty, and the infrastructure. The development of self-confidence for management education and exposing them to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration proves to be a great benefit for the students as they enter the campus at the start of their trimester.”

The key objective of the Foundation Program for the new batch of students is to help them transition into the new schedule of things and life on campus, to hear from eminent industry speakers on the scope for career advancement, challenges, and opportunities that await them, to meet the faculty, staff, students and to familiarize themselves with the culture, unique teaching-learning practices, activities, and resources at JK Business School.