JKPCB hosts Public hearing for minor mineral extraction at Thakrakote


Thakrakote: A Public hearing for the environmental clearance of mining of minor minerals (river bed material) of Block no. 14 at river Ans downstream, Narloo bridge (Plan no. V) in Tehsil Thakrakote was today organized, here at village Chinkah by J&K Pollution Control Board.

Deputy Commissioner, Indu Kanwal Chib, presided over the proceedings of the Public hearing. The other members of panel comprised representative of Regional Director, J & K Pollution Control Board, Dr. Yash Paul, Head Laboratories, PCB Jammu; District Mineral Officer, Shafiq Ahmed and Divisional Officer, Pollution Control Board, Reasi, Hansraj Galoach.

The Environmental Consultant of M/S Cognizance Research India Pvt. Ltd. representing the project Proponent, Abhinav Mishra briefed the audience about the details of the proposed mining project including the mining method and anticipated Impact from the mining in the area and the measures proposed under Environment Management Plan and Corporate Environmental Responsibility.

The Deputy Commissioner, in her address, made the locals aware about the project details and listened patiently to the demands raised by the elected public representatives and the general public. She assured that the genuine concerns of the locals for reasonable rates of minor mineral and mining rights to Panchayats shall be appropriately addressed. She also remarked that the funds under Corporate Environmental Responsibility shall be sent in consultation with local public representatives. At the conclusion of the public hearing, the locals as well as the public representatives present in the meeting appreciated the endeavour of District administration, Reasi for successful conduct of the public hearing in which redress of the genuine concerns and demands of the locals vis-a-vis rates of minor minerals and its availability was assured by Deputy Commissioner, Reasi.