JK’s Cultural Academy explores art in times of pandemic

Srinagar: Secretary, Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL) Muneer-Ul-Islam today said that amid coronavirus scare—reaching out to people through different mediums of art was proving vital and paying larger dividends.
“Our aim is to generate awareness about COVID-19 at a larger scale,” he said. “The different mediums of art is proving vital and providing us a window to convey the message well,” he added.
The Secretary said that Art can play a vital role in making people understand the concepts about this deadly virus. He said, besides this people—who are under complete lockdown also needs some infotainment. “Cultural Academy is doing its part in exploring various genres,” he said.
He said Academy has launched a campaign, ‘Together We shall Overcome’— in which several artists have been roped in and who contribute their art pieces from their homes.
“For Instance, we started a song a day and it generated a huge response,” he said, adding “ The songs were sung by prominent singers of Jammu and Kashmir in several languages including Urdu, Kashmir, Dogri, Punjabi and later on shared widely on social networking sites,” he added.
The Secretary said that JKAACL launched a campaign to educate and inform people about the dangers of Coronavirus—and the steps are being taken to protect the society at large from this dreaded virus. He said, besides these action video songs, skits, (Laddi Shah) and also through the medium of video-magic fun have been launched.
He said that as the coronavirus disease continues to evolve, in Jammu and Kashmir is taking a proactive approach to help ensure the safety of the people. He said that there is a greater need to generate awareness among people, locally in their own language and melody—which will help us achieve the goal of fighting this deadly virus. He said besides this government was closely monitoring the situation and provide updates as they become available.
The Secretary informed that “As we all know that coronavirus is a pendemic and presently a big challenge to humanity. Together we have to face and overcome this challenge,” he said.’
“We are exploring all languages including Kashmiri, Dogri, Urdu and in other languages, which is helping us in disseminating the message properly and successfully,” he said.
He said that this process continues and it was a humble attempt by the artists, writers to be neck to neck with the government in a processes to fight against Covid-19.
Song on COVID & Communal harmony
The Secretary said that these were testing times and people, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion should come forward and help their fellow countrymen.
He said that today the JKAACL released another Coronavirus public awareness campaign in Hindi along with its video, adding that the song coveys a message on coronavirus and communal harmony. The Song is sung by Darbari Lal and created by Kohsheen Studio.
“The song is dedicated to our soulful society helping each other in these testing times. Together we shall overcome,” he said.
On releasing another song, the Secretary said artists across the globe have been encouraging people to combat coronavirus though various mediums of art. He said society as a whole have to play their roles in their respective areas and see how one must respond to the coronavirus pandemic.