JMI and University of Oxford, UK jointly organises a Webinar on Gandhian Thought and Philosophy

New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) today organised a Webinar on ‘Gandhian Thought and Philosophy’ in association with the University of Oxford, UK. It was the first lecture in the Webinar series on Gandhian Thought and Philosophy. This webinar series is in sync with the University Grants Commission’s proposal to celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi to disseminate Gandhian Thought and Philosophy in intellectual circles.

Hon’ble Union Minister of Education Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ was the Chief Guest of the Webinar. In his inaugural address Shri Pokhriyal said that the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is being celebrated across the world.

Shri Pokhriyal said that I want to congratulate Jamia that it is continuously growing since its inception in 1920 while following the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, a person who gave his full support in its establishment. He also mentioned about JMI’s continuous better performance in different educational fields. He
particularly mentioned about JMI’s performance in civil services and Hackathon organised by his ministry recently.

Hon’ble Minister further said that the whole world is realising the importance of the Gandhian philosophy and his principles of truth, love, humility and non violence particularly when the going is tough.

Prof. Najma Akhtar, Vice Chancellor, JMI chaired the webinar session. She welcomed the Chief Guest, main speaker of the Webinar and other panellists. She thanked the Hon’ble Minister for taking out some time for the Webinar from his extremely busy schedule. She briefly explained about the relation of Mahatma Gandhi and JMI and the purpose of organising the Webinar.

Prof. Mukesh Ranjan of Department of English and OSD (Planning & Development) formally introduced main speaker and other panellists. He said that JMI has invited participants from institutions based in UK, South Korea, Canada, USA, Mexico, Russia, Germany, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and others with whom the university is having collaborative partnerships for the Webinar series.

Prof Faisal Devji from Dept of History, University of Oxford, UK was the main speaker in the Webinar. He delivered a lecture on ‘The Geography of Non-Violence’. Prof. Devji commented on the contemporaneous relevance of Mahatma Gandhi and how he continues to inform our consciousness in terms of policy formulation and implementation. He explained how Gandhi’s cardinal principles of Truth and Non-violence have played out and how these principles underpin his whole philosophy- a philosophy that viewed the universe as an organic whole.

Gandhian Scholar and former Vice-Chancellor of Meerut University Dr Ravindra Kumar was the Discussant in the webinar.

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