JNMC appeals for plasma donation

Aligarh: People recovered from Covid19 are being urged to donate their convalescent blood plasma as part of an urgent appeal to help the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) save the lives of affected patients.

The plea comes in the backdrop of hesitancy amongst recovered patients in donating plasma. So far, only three recovered patients have donated their plasma at the Blood and Component Bank of the Medical College, said Prof Sayeedul Hasan Arif, Chairman, Department of Pathology.

“Those willing to donate plasma at the Blood Bank, JNMC can contact the Counsellor, Suhail Abbas (Phone: 9410061472) and Medical Officers, Dr Fawad Khan (Phone: 9457990934) and Dr Smriti Prasad (Phone: 9358203015),” added Prof Arif.

Appealing recovered patients to come forward, he added, “We urgently need as many people as possible who have recovered to donate plasma, to help us make much progress. People should not fear returning to the hospital where they spent several days recovering from coronavirus”.

In the present global medical crisis, Prof Shahid Ali Siddiqui (Principal, JNMC) stated that it is an ultimate humanitarian service to donate plasma.

He added that the count of recovered patients is sufficient and plasma donation from them can help JNMC to carry forward its aggressive treatment of Covid19 patients.

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